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DOD Novel, pt 5

Alright, I thought this was going to be the last one, but it would just be too long. Looks like the DOD Novel is 6 chapters.
In this exciting chapter, our intrepid hero talks via microwave with many governmental officials, Hollywood stars (including Joe Pesci and Molly Ringwald - Oh boy!), and Nobel laureates who aren't Nobel laureates.

Also using Department of Defence supercomputers for the Human Computer Interaction torture of me along with sub-contractors and sponcers in conjunction with department of defence funds and with possibly the research of nobal louriates such as [names removed] who I questioned after seeing his recorded interview in the internet via DOD microwaves,DOD computer and his voice and image.This DOD research and funded technologies made my heart skip a beat in Worcester ,Massachusetts as I clutched my chest in pain hanging on to the rented SUV drivers door and the military voice said "his heart skipped a beat" .I believe they had some sort of human to computer biological monitoring software to know this. Also high pitched frequencys that uploads to the NSA computer my memory and real time situations seeing what I see, from sexual intercourse with a Lover in my bathroom and elsewhere while ridiculing me , to bathroom times ,shower times , to downloading into my brain ,terrorist attacks through the department of defence microwave spectrum into my brain. While in Ft. Lauderdale saying "beach place is gone" with sound effects of explosions in my brain while I was near Beach Place on Sunrise Blvd ,in Ft. Lauderdale.This they downloaded into memory via the department of defence microwave spectrum once again the same spectrum controled by the NSA Signals Intelligence Officer by the Department of Defence for our National Defence and Security . The computer they use said it was the NSA computer named "JOHN" ,in many different A.I. voices and personalities, computer virtual personalities -ones not taken from real persons like citizens of the United States and the world along with their envoked potentials and stored , are patented by General Magic . The technology can question and interragate , destroy , and program for murder anyone's sub-concious mind without them knowing at all being asleep or awake ,and without their permission . Therefore the voices and names I state below who made comments ,tortured me, or conversed with me for support, was either their sub-concious thoughts being infultrated in real time by the department of defence technologies , or interragated thoughts,memorys, previously recorded into the department of defence computer and sent to me , or computer to my brain via microwaves in real time link-up ,either the concious or sub-concious thoughts of these people , or live via computer or phone via department of defence's spectrum once again controled by them , to my brain. With this their EEG's would have been in the super-computer and them "called up" by the NSA/CIA using my memory ,DOD microwaves, DOD super-computer , whether Presidents , Cabinet members, Military Officers , Foreign heads of State , family ,friends,loved ones,or Hollywood stars, they used many of them including Nobal Louriates [names removed] who I conversed with via microwaves and whose research attests to concious and sub-concious workings.To torture me they used these voices who, because this technology can do question and answers with a person's sub-concious without their knowledge, there is no way to tell if that happened, or, if it's just digitalized NSA computer voices sent to torture,with real-time questions and answers . This is a very important point in this technology already developed.Your concious thoughts it can answer or comment back using your sub-concious thoughts and reply in anyone's voice that you think of ,or picture because of facial recognition ,that's in the Department of Defence supercomputer. It's facial recognition ,voice recognition but it's actually mind recognition of a person who can respond to your own thoughts in their own voice , via DOD's computer and DOD's available data bank. Weather citizens thoughts, voices,and personalities are previously data banked, or EEG's of Citizens they have data banked are "called up" for real-time just another way my department of defence who tortures me an American Citizen and others . It is their super-computer NSA/CIA trait for destroying an American without me thinking of them ,which can only be done by the computer putting them in my thoughts using DOD microwaves just as the computer puts "voice through the skull " to torture. At times I have told the NSA computer named "John" to go find certain world leaders and such for a Q&A session using this super-computer -linked up illegally to my brain.When I do this ,it actually finds that person maybe by their EEG's anywhere and questions their sub-concious in real-time without them knowing it. From a vast department of defence data bank,it can also put more than one person's sub-concious thoughts in real time into a sort of "chat room" with other people's sub-concious real time thoughts and the real-time ,to try to drive me synethically insane. Artificial Intelligence and the memory of people whose memory , personality and voice has already been extracted,and data banked are used in this computer.I can only describe what it does as a layman , my Country's department of defence super-computer and a program ,system, or application to destroy its Citizens . The voices appearing and questioned were :President George W. Bush's voice , Laura Bush's voice and image ,Dick Cheney 's voice and image ,Connie Rice's name and voice,Paul Wolforvitz voice,President George H.W. Bush voice,John Kerry name and voice and image,[names removed] had an entire George Soros senerio with him coming to rescue me while in jail in the Bahamas with explosions in the foxhill prison opening jail doors and a person in the doorway yelling [name removed] I tried to make it to the door but the all-England military type people that were in the jail wouldn't let me out .There were about 40 men from England who looked like Military when there were explosions in Foxhill Prison and the door flung open with a man who said [name removed] . I tried to leave but at that time the English men were stopping me ,getting in my way ,and taking the buckets out of the cell and into the hallway at 3-4 am in the morning. I would like to find these people ,from the Bahamas police and their records. Also another senerio with John Kerry's voice coming to rescue me with explosions ,gunshots and images of him outside the Bahamas Nassau Downtown Central jail.That lasted 8 hours and more .My own father ,a WW2 Air Force vet gunner ,[name removed]'s memory were tarnished by these terrorists. Barbara Boxer's name and voice talked with her for about a week ,also senerio's of JFK Jr's plane going down with images and a voice that said they took care of JFK Jr's "magnetics" , John McCain's name and voice and image ,Harrison Ford's name and voice , Ted Kennedy name and voice and image, Jack Nickelson's name and voice and 3D image, I talked with him for about 4 days on and off ,Tom Cruise's name and voice,also a voice saying he's Jose Delgato,John Norseen from Lockhead Martin , Igor Smirnov name and voice , Tom Green,Susan Sarandon's hologram appeared before me saying she's Susan in her voice ,Angelina Jolie in a holograph interviewing me in her United Nations capasity and in her actual voice,Micheal Bolton,[name removed] (Bell South trainer), Steven Segal name and voice- I had a conversation with him ,Brad Pitt and his wife in 3D interactive image and voice,John Travolta with a long senerio how he was going to fly his jet to pick me up and rescue me ,Tony Danza name and voice, Joe Pesci name and voice, Arnold Swartznegger the govenor of California's name and voice ,Joe Tobacco in his voice and name talking with me because I told them at the department of defence and was thinking many times as the torture continues that Joe was my family's Lawyer for 30 plus years -I recalled Joe in my memory ,then his image and voice appeared and via the DOD microwaves DOD computer I did a question and answer session , Renee Zwelwigger's name and voice ,Harrison Ford name and voice ,neibor's [name removed] name and voice in the Polo Ft. Meyers Jason and Mary,Neibors voices across ,friend [name removed] of Boca Raton a Brittish citizen name and voice , [name removed] of Boca Raton,[name removed] name and voice ,Chris Brown ,MSNBC's Hardball Chris Matthews name and voice -I talked with him for over one week ,Senator Ed Markey name and voice ,Donald Rumsfeld's name and voice ,President Jacques Chirac name and voice ,Prime Minister Tony Blair name and voice I had a conversation with him ,Senator Joe Biden voice and name,Alan Dershawitz the Harvard Lawyer's name and voice,and image , I had many question and answer sessions with him , Senator Ed Markey and Bill Nelson I had questions for him , also Danzel Washington who sounded like him but said he wasn't an actor , ,President Vadimir Putin,President V. Fox of Mexico's name and voice , Mel Gibson name and voice -I had a long conversations consisting again of questions and answers with him many times ,Cameron Diaz , Tom Hanks name and voice who said "I'm here for you [name removed]" ,Drew Barrymore ,Lucy Lu.Are these their actual real-time sub-concious conversations with me over the department of defences microwave spectrum with this secret NSA terror weapon ? More names I've talked with are John Negroponte asking him when he will do something about this , Ted Turner's voice and name ,Roupert Murdock name and voice , David E. Sanger name and voice , Patrick D. Healy, Carlotta Gall name and voice, Edward Wong name and voice, [name removed] name and voice , [name removed] name and voice , many questions with [name removed] (CWA) and James Hoffa , Madonna , Michelle Phiffer , [name removed] (Bell South CWA) ,Moreen Dowd name and voice , [name removed] name and voice ,[names removed] she said of Chicago area , [name removed] said he's a reporter, [whole bunch of names] , Yoshinori Ono , [name removed] , Molly Ringwald , Because the computer can join you together into conversations and question another person's sub-concious totally without their knowledge,they need to be notified about this .Or is it just NSA supercomputer digitalized voices from memorys previously extracted and data banked,and using A.I. and thought words for the Memex type technology to pick out and trigger evoked potentials emotions ,such as angry or fear (loves that one) which in turn tuiggers another A.I. voice responce to my thoughts via department of defence microwave spectrum, -considering they were answering my questions in real-time in their voices and personalities and the technology can do this -all these are valid questions to this torture and the Citizens need to know about this genocide with 20 years history ,and this terrorism against me . While I was in Boston,Massachusetts while being tortured I stayed at the Hampton Bay Inn in Chelsea area, and while I had the voices screaming at me ,I had an epliptic like attack with my body spasms from all my muscles all at the same time and a voice saying "Don't die on me Iraqi" "don't die on me Iraqi". I was on the floor when Cataldo Ambulance took me to Whittier General .I didn't explain the voices , they said it was a panic attack. ......I read later in the Sun-Sentinal a report these threats were used to "break " people are called catogory 3 threats using family , friends and threats of murder . Mind you , I learned this the hard way AFTER THE FACT. The stabbing pains and high pitched frequency - which was every day and every night, along with catogory 3 threats of family members ,friends, loved ones,along with neibors, in my brain which is actually called "through the skull voice it still torturing me . I found the Sea/Kohn's Project contract with the Awarding Agency being the Department of Defence ,SBIR contract number F41624-95-C-9007 , Title; Communicating via the Microwave Auditory Effect , Company name and address ;Science and Engineering Assoc,INC. 6100 Uptown Blvd NE ,Albuquerque ,NM 87110 . Phone # 505-884-2300 , Description: Radio frequency communications via Microwaves and the Auditory nerve in the skull ,numerous military applications exist in areas of search ,rescue, special operations,security. Project funding : $739,995.00 Earlier study ;department of defence awarded and contract number F41624-93-C-9013 Brian Kohn's project OPIC number AF93-026, Control number 93AL-185. This absolute proof the department of defence uses this technology. I also had between October 22,2004- November 22,2004 a directed energy electromagnetic attack on my home at [address removed] Florida that at the same split-second it put out all my house lights and stalled my 2002 truck while I was being taunted and tortured by a voice through my auditory nerve in my skull, at the exact same second. A citizen right here in Florida,tortured . I went to Washington D.C. by U.S. Air June 28,2004 as I was going to leave my papers with senators , I called DARPA asked questions to Douglas Gage and 20 minutes later - police were at my Hotel door Mayflower Hotel telling me I threatened to "hurt myself" and they had to bring me in, yup 1 day in a Washington "nut house" .After leaving [address removed] Washington D.C., I went to the Russell Senate Office Building and the Hart Senate Building and left the facts of what was happening to me and the threats of my Mother and Family, friends ,I compared some of the technology effects with that of the Lifelog program and left it at John McCain's office also Hilary Clinton, Ed Markey,John Kerry,Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer,Patrick Leahy,nearly all of the Hart and Russell Office Building Senators and faxed/sent mail to John Ashcroft ,Cia Directors Porter Goss and Tenent ,Professor Alan Dershowitz,Secratary of State Colin Powell,FCC's Micheal Powell,Senator Arlin,Senator Diane Feinstein,Lawyer Erin Brockovitz,Senator Joe Biden, Spector, Vice President Dick Cheney,National Security Advisor Connie Rice, Alcee Hastings office in Oakland park left papers there ,Florida ,Senator Bill Nelson's Lauderdale Lakes Florida left papers there, Nearly NONE of my faxes , or e-mails make it out of Florida most all of my faxes and e-mails are intercepted -even to Senators and Congress. In Naples Florida I was followed to mail boxes while I mailed letters to Senators and Congress that I believe they picked up,considering they were following me right to the mail box. I have returned mail addressed to Rockefeller Center to Katie Couric and others in Rockefeller Center that are in the media that was returned to me with a rubber stamp reading "not known New York ,New York" . How's THAT for the AMERICA Adams, Jefferson, Washington and Franklin made and started in my home state of Massachusetts. From faxes and emails being taken and not going through with a voice saying "I got that one " and I got that one too" , to mail addressed to Rockefeller center being returned with a stamp of "not known New York, New York". Everything I send emails Rockafeller Center and the Nobal Prize Foundation is always returned . Why ? Like so many other things the NSA control.Audio/Visual in real time during all this torture ,made possible seeing all addressed mail in real time as I wrote out the addresses . Using these methods of catogory 3 threats they threatened family from my 82 year old MOM who then had brain blood barrier leak to my brother and my family in Canada they threatened,to my sister and her family in Maine , to lovers ,friends, and more. .Also the Military persons,who said they were at Ft Meade ,Md. calling me "IRAQI" 24 hours a day when I'm American , 1/2 French , 1/4 Yankee English 1/4 Lebonese whose family's have been been in Massachusetts and New England both the [names removed] since the 1600's before America was created including the [name removed] who came over on the Mayflower in the 1600's. Racial Profiling and hate crimes along with violating our United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Nuremburg Code , Darpa code 45 46 ,industrial board approval for human experiments for funding studies were violated,NSA codes and regulations violated that need autorney generals signed paper also special court signed papers also nsa director signed papers just for any kind of observation via airwaves never mind torture and mind-control of pains ,constant death threats to me and my Mother ,family members and friends and neibors, and microcapsules blowing up inside me , United Nations Resolutions on Torture about 6 of them violated, U.N.'s Slavery Treaty when they can move your head ,heat my organs , move my eyes,legs,arms,fingers, give head pain ,heat my head then say "you're sterile" ,stabbing body pain,stabbing head pain it is mind control then your a slave these Goverment Department of Defence terrorists violated, the sponcers, software and hardware manufactorers and patents that make this technology a "seemless" application all violated the United Nations Trade in Torture Equipment Agreement,to this day are torturing me. While in Ft Lauderdale the voice through the skull said "there's a bomb in your truck" I got out of the truck ASAP parked in front of a bay on Sunrise Blvd at King Auto Mall ran across the street where a huge "Beach place is gone" "beach place is gone" Now the U.S.Goverment is downloading into memory terrorist bomb threats into Citizens minds to make them insane or dead,this is what they did to me [name removed].While torturing me they gave me smells directly to my brain both bad and good ones, that a voice that said "smells like Deputy Director Paul Wolforvitz" when it smelled like dead fish ,and many different smells ,one like rotted fish ,one like flowers one like a grandmothers purfume. Most all made me vomit or want to vomit . Nobal Louriate [name removed] research could attest how this is done. Are they using her research to torture American Citizens and does she know it? The computer and these terrorist have sent me immersive interactive 3D images of Port Charlotte residents ,old girlfriends from Massachusetts, movie stars, on a regular basis. I would like to know if their EEG's would have to be in their supercomputer for them to do this or at the very least have their consent ? . How could the department of defence do this ? So please help me . Questions that need answering Who ordered the military transport of me in the Bahamas? This will lead to who the perpetrators are in the Military, and lead to these terrorists. Where can I get the Bahamas Police notes including the people who did all the transporting of me in the Bahamas ? Who were the actors /CIA at Umass Medical and the Navy Seal in Memorial Hospital ? Who were the people in the green Nissan pickup following me ? Who drove the white Gelco Corporation leased SUV that followed me for 4 weeks while this mind control and torture was going on? That will lead to the terrorists and perpetretors . What does [name removed] manager of the [name removed] apartment complex in Ft. Mayers know of the break in at my apartment that stole my property and first she said nothing was in my apartment it was "cleaned out" then I got Ft. Meyers Police there and lots of my property was in apartment # [removed] , what was she hiding and why was the apartment across from me empty of 6 months when top floor end units are the most sought after apartments anywhere ? Where can I get an International Lawyer to help me since Federal Authorities have let this genocide go scott-free for 23 years and more (based on [name removed] same experiance ,with this same crime's M.O. , my torture sodtware is just more department of defence up-to-date. Is this the way we treat WW2 vets son ? Not where I come from. They also "downloaded" into memory bin Laden fears and images into me - is this what the department of defence does to American Citizens whose family has been here since the 1600's because they can not catch bin Laden ? So they use family,friends,girlfriends, bin Laden, the Bush family , the Bush Cabinet and more to torture citizens WHY ? They tell me they are going to kill my Mom then my Mother has brain/blood barrier leak, these are the facts. They used the Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush as the biggest torturers along with the Bush family including the elderly Barbara Bush with images of them on a computer and in a virtual reality room with a virtual reality glove to torture me while at the same time using their voices "through the skull" to torture me ,taunt me and ridicule me while I'm being stabbed , slit, and "deboweled" by this virtual ,microwave , department of defence technology. This probably to make believe in their virtual loss of reality world that bin Laden terrorist are behind it when it is all documented for over 23 years and all department of defence microwave spectrum , department of defence contracts and department of defence financed and researched technology by schools and universitys financed by the Office of Navy Research and Darpa. , with military helicopter transports, and Bush goverment phone calls to my brother in Canada , with scripted questions and the same M.O. for over 23 years. More voices that were in my mind with "through the skull voice were Danzel Washington name and voice,my cousin [name removed] Detroit Mi. I took a flight Nov 24th 2004 U.S. Air Ft Meyers to Boston upon arriving drove straight to Foxwood resort to take my mind off this torture but in Foxwood resort in Mashantucket Pequot's Tribal Nation I was attacked even more and my head heated , stabbing knife pains throughout my body ,voices and hot needles going through my skull incredible pain,constant high pitched frequency going through my head -I had to leave Foxwood right away,and went to my Mom's.I was also attacked in Florida every time I go through Seminole and Missaukee Indian Nation land to pick up my mail at my Ft. Lauderdale post office box. On Thanksgiving I was attacked with stabbing pain ,voices ,high pitched frequency throughout my head ,I threw up in the bathroom and another "dream" with my father being thrown into a dug grave naked ,all this on Thanksgiving in Kennebunk Maine. The torture is non-stop. The same thing at Christmas but without the dream of my WW2 vet father at the same location throughout Maine and Massachusetts.In the Travellodge Hotel on A1A in Ft.Lauderdale recently I had a talk with the voice through my skull that said he was John or Nelson Rockerfeller -I said "the Rockerfellers" he said yes I said why are you torturing me ,is it because nobody like the young adults or kids know that name anymore he said YES , other voices that I questioned and got their answers were Woody Harrelson,[name removed] of Boca Raton,Florida [name removed] retired Kirkland Air Force Base New Mexico his voice and name, and [name removed] Chief Scientist Directed Energy Directorate A.F. Kirkland N.M.his voice and name ,[name removed] A.F. also Nobal Lourate [name removed] name and voice ,Nobal Lourate [name removed],Nobal Lourate [name removed] name and voice does he know of his work possibly used to torture American citizens? ,also Lt. General Michael V. Hayden his voice and name . Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden , USAF - House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence April 12 , 2000 page 4 said - "the President recognized that certain intelligence gathering techniques , SUCH AS SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE , MUST ABIDE BY THE FOURTH AMENDMENT. " It is a fact that Signals intelligence does not monitor or record this frequency but how come it records nearly all our cell phone conversations , monitors our email and faxes with echolon yet does not record this department of defence torture frequency that takes citizens by surprize in their own homes and tortures and destroys them ,men, woman , and children in their own homes ?

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Just a note...

Before I post the last of the DOD Novel parts, I just wanted to note something. If you checked out the link in my comments about the guy who was sueing the NSA for mindcontrol stuff, good. If you checked out the root site of that link,, great. I was taking a look at it after posting that yesterday. God, that is just the Nutjob Motherlode. Awesome.

Of special note: they ask the nebulous "they" who are running these "mind control experiments" to fill out a questionnaire. I couldn't make this stuff up, folks. I don't have that kind of time.

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DOD Novel, pt 4

You asked for it, you got it. Part 4 of the "DOD Novel". Almost at the end here, probably one more post of this size to finish it off.
You'll note there are a couple people's names I left in here. First off, Kathleen Hill and Shawn Hill which I found out via Google refers to a murder case. Second, John St.Clair Akwei, who apparently is trying to sue the NSA for controlling his mind. I include those to show how this guy is including outside sources in his delusions. Also, you'll finally get a hint why he decided to send this to Microsoft.

I got only one bowl of rice a day and 1-2 small glasses of water,and stayed around 7 days there ,no shower all the time there and slept on the floor with rats.I was throwing up and being tortured by what seemed to be a laser cutting and slitting me or a virtual reality type of slitting .Also and very important like all this torture , inside Downtown Central jail a Laser seemed to cut something inside my head above and behind my left ear ,dripping hot substance down inside my head , then a piece of brain or whatever dropped down like a small lobe of brain just dropped. While in jail,Foxhill Jail in the Bahamas ,inmates came up to me and asked me what were scripted questions 1.Are you married? 2.Do you have kids? 3. Are you single? 4.Do you live alone? These people seemed to be like paid actors in the Foxhill Jail.They would ask me those four questions then walk away- ,almost lineing up to ask me one after another.Inmates beat me with their sneakers -I asked one day why they're doing that an inmate told me there is a rumor going around that I rape black girls. Another person asked those same four questions of me ,and I asked him "how much do they pay you to do this?" He said $1,000.00 every time he sees me and gives me a hard time.This was at Foxhill Jail.I asked how many on this "brain team" which he told me was a nickname,he said 19 or 20 . In the Downtown Central the voice of President Herbert Walker Bush said my father was MKDelta programs Code Blue and that someone followed my father around and did this to him, heated his organs and did through the skull voices.In the jail the voices through the skull were doing what felt like slitting my intestine area with a razor blade caused unbearable pain ,it feels just like a razor inside my intestines slitting them , I was bent over in pain, I was throwing up ,this still goes on today.I was forced to do forced swallowing and forced yawning that I could not stop at their voice command,it was impossible for me to stop the yawning ,head back a little, mouth opened as wide as it could go ,sometimes the voice would say "take your medicine" and I'd feel something go into my throat and my mouth would be manually shut by them,virtually,a virtual reality torture. Sometimes they would say "poison pill" and while they made me open my mouth in a yawn type pose the person or persons at the computer /holomar 3d virtual reality side of this human computer interaction would stick what felt like his hand down my throat almost down into my stomach while my gag instinct took over and made me vomit.Sounds unreal with the rest but completely and factually true.All after the United States military Helicopter transported of me in the Bahamas,and after I informed the Senators what was happening to me and threats to my Mom and family members. This went on for weeks both in the Bahamas and Florida. Sometimes 3,4,5 times an hour,in Foxhill Jail,and home in Florida.This torture is something I have never read about anywhere . At home in Florida while being tortured in my home at [address removed] I had non-stop 24/7 throbbing pain areas in my head under the skin between skin and skull something felt like the size of pin heads were all over my head giving me pain so great I held my head in pain crying sometimes all day non-stop ,at the very least I cried in pain every morning and every night over 9 months while the voices ridiculed me and said they were in Ft Meade, Tampa, Texas,and Los Almos . It became a ritual voices of loved ones,Chris Brown and family -to break me down crying at least twice a day ,in the morning and at night ,for 9 months plus and still today .At the same time it felt like my brain was expanding onto my cranium.This area seemed swollen and gave such pain I thought I was going to die, or have blood/brain leak, it never stopped throbbing and burning hot. Twenty-four hours a day the voices would torture me ,threaten my family and the will to live was taken away from me, my body depleted of all my energy ,anemic,red and white blood cell count in half,down from 180lbs to 150lbs in 4 weeks, and tortured by their "program" their "software" overpowering my EEG's, and this "program" controling my mind,my biological body ,my chemical makeup ,which I found one of the Los Almos and Darpa solicitations # BAA01-42 that change a person's biological makeup into electrical signals to be sent over the department of defence's microwave spectrum to a super-computer, just so they can destroy a persons God given chemical and biological make-up,to be controled , not by nature , but by them at the department of defence.They control my body functions, wouldn't let me think of any happy thoughts only sad ones. I was about to attempt suicide - in my bathroom I took a blanket put it in my bathtub , put a generator in my bathroom and was about to take sleeping pills a bottle but didn't .I still have a burn mark on the toilet seat where the muffler from the generator hit.After I heard a miltary voice say later on "I don't know where they got the Gitmo Software" "I don't know where they got the Gitmo software" "I don't know how it got out of Gitanamo Bay" This must have been the software program that takes away a person's will to live used before at Gitmo Bay,Cuba. Recently, I asked the voice what are you doing and do your have other Port Charlotte residents EEG's like the Hill family in your computer,because I read of Shawn Hill's death and he had sleep depravation, demons both visual images and audio ,and excessive dreams the voice said YES. I asked do you have Shawn Hill's EEG's the voice said YES. I asked what you did to Kathleen Hill the voice said "I Envoked her" .I asked if she was "programmed" to kill her husband like a "programmed assasin" and the voice said YES . I asked who programmed her the voice said "I DID IT" .I asked if they had Kathleen Hill's EEG's in a computer the voice said YES. Then the voice said he had a 9 year old childs EEG's in the computer .When I asked if he had other children's EEG's and envoked them.I got no answer.This was either a live person or the computers artificial intelligence but whoever knew about downloading into memory or hypnotic suggestion "programming". I later asked why so many American citizens EEG's in a computer, -he said a "New World Order" ,I said what do you mean ,the through the skull voice said a "superior race". I said is that like Carnegie Institution Eugenic's program from WW2 the voice said YES.So I looked that up and bookmarked it and saw the MKDelta program they said they used against my father.I saw the "Gehlan Organization" and CIA and mind control has been going on along time by a certain few,since the 1950's. Later on in the month one of the things that were causing the unbearable pain under my skin the size of pinheads were virtually reality removed by someone ,as the voice said hold your finger there on your head in each spot where you feel it -I did - and I could actually feel a virtual reality type probe under my skin , banging to disintegrate and break up these pinhead things ,just one more thing in the United States Goverment human computer interaction "program" causing tremendous pain and murder .Some might exist but not as many filling my head,and these are seperate from the synethic telepathy EEG attacks of people in the past,I had read about.Sleep depravation , senerio's,voices,smells, and images with brain chemical differences stimulated all by computer ,with excess adreneline easily causes my heart attacks and I'm sure with most people over twenty something years heart failure ,murder. People can now be hooked in together with concious and sub-concious thoughts via software/computer/DOD spectrum in an EEG sort of "chat room" . Effects could be given to the mass people , simutaniously via DOD software ,DOD computer and DOD airwaves. Depression or guilt ridden events recorded in DOD computer and played over and over in my mind , including two photos of child poronography , with matching "evoked potentials" almost made me commit suicide. This software I imagine is the suicide software , to get rid of people via the "Power Discreet" way - which my own Police ,F.B.I. National Security seems not to be able to protect me from ,even though the "Power Discreet" has the same M.O. for over 23 years. . Months later while coming back from Toronto,Canada after being tortured there also , I was directed in Ft.Lauderdale International Airport to two Customs/immagration agents ,one [name removed] with an aluminum clipboard with a bumper sticker that read "Don't mess with Texas" and the other person a short red-headed lady name Bailey on her name tag .They asked me the exact same questions as the jail convicts script in the Bahamas 1.Are you married? 2.Do you have kids? 3.Are you single ?. 4 Do you live alone? These the EXACT same scripted questions the inmates in jail would come up to me and ask ,then walk away. I tried to make a phone call and [name removed] said "put the phone down" "your not even in the Country yet" and I thought what are you going to do not let me in my own Country? What I'll be in perpetual motion on a plane forever? Then I asked an agent 15 feet away another red-headed woman "Have you seen these agents before?" "NO" she said "this is the first time I have ever seen them". I looked up web address [URL outdated] a Court case involving NSA Microwave technology ,John St. Clair Akwei ,that included EEG memory extraction and human computer interaction just what this is. It all made sense because the "voices" were using past expierences ,all my family in threats , friends in threats from Massachusetts ,friends from Florida , movie stars , to bring up and taunt me with them .A great deal of the technologies are patented which I now have .The NSA are the ONLY people who can do this and they were describing the things I was seeing IN REAL TIME to try to "drive me nuts" and to suicide .Not only can they see in real time what I was seeing,they tried to destroy me,and still are doing it . I lost 30 lbs in about 4 weeks flat ,became anemic ,blood counts down to half both red and white, and having huge amounts of pain and torture when those voices threaten to kill me , my family,and friends. Now I bought a new computer and went to work researching, I found the Department of Defence CONTRACTS to Carnegie Mellon's Human Computer Interaction Department which supported [some info removed] non-verbal communication thought via a human's brain EEG's through the Defence Department's microwave spectrum to the computer NSA. This software and hardware human computer interaction goverment/corporate research is sponcored by General Motors ,Intel,Bell Atlantic,DARPA ,DOD,IBM,Interactive Systems Inc,McDonnell Foundation,Microsoft,National Science Foundation,Omron,Oracle,Office of Naval Research,NASA,Panasonic,Pittsburg Digital Greenhouse,National Science Foundation,Navy,SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center,Tides Center,University of Pittsburg,University of Virginia,Verizon/BBNT, and XeroxPARC .This may be part of the reason why my 2002 G.M. TruckChevy s-10 radio/cd player on the voices threats and cues and commands , made huge popping/banging sounds through the speakers and extremely loud clicking sounds through the cd player in the dashboard at the same time I was telling the voices to "shut up" and "leave me alone!!!'" - From what I've experienced the Department of Defence radio frequency,the microwave spectrum under their control ,not only can they do "through the skull" threatening voices with Artificial Intelligence and computer software programs ,they can also control electronic products with what I believe is the help of their sponcers and through the DOD microwave spectrum ,and/or some sort of directed energy for fear ,I believe this because in the Carnegie Mellon Human Computer Interaction web site it states quote "Our work with sponcers typically engages customers and users in the research process" How do they "ENGAGE" a customer in Human Computer Interaction ? Other than a brain to computer,or brain to computer to brain linkup for human computer interaction. I believe it was an unconsenting un-suspecting NSA /Homeland Security EEG entrainment or"brain linkup" that tortures me.I don't know anyone who has been asked or consented to Human Computer Interaction via Department of Defence controled microwave radio frequency spectrum to the NSA , DOD, or their subcontractors or sponcers computers,for torture.I did not give consent for torture,or torture done with my own standard G.M. truck electronics.The booms,and clicks at the exact same second the threats and taunts of the through the skull voice and voices , using my own electronics for their purpose of nothing more than to make me go insane or commit suicide,again using my own truck radio/cd player and home electronics .Their department of defence supercomputer plays echos in my head,concious and sub-concious thoughts that "talk" and form senerio's 24 hours a day and is patented,questions sub-concious constently sometimes I can hear it sometimes not all without consent of this brain torture, senerio's of good guy -bad guy for more fear this is patented I found, voices that question my sub-concious thought without my permission/consent during this torture and put suggestive thoughts ,taunts, that only sometimes I can hear ,but none-the-less hear them install thoughts to my sub-concious , also they have what seems to be a polygraph system in this brain EEG to department of defence microwave spectrum to supercomputer system, a computer that uploads my memory into it with my natural way of speaking and images of my past and "real time" images then draws on it to torture me , this computer finishes unfinished thoughts and sentences I'm having while thinking by itself using a fonix patented type of advanced speech method to anticipate sentences before even thought ,it downloads terrorist senerio's into me using anyone as terrorist voices and explosions to be triggered anytime by the computer programmers at the department of defence ,they download images into memory and in "real time" right to my brain,IBM type speech, technologies to command directly from supercomputer via department of defence microwave spectrum to my brain, Memex/carnorvoir (picked key words) technology to kick in the A.I. and live torture , MKUltra coming to fruitation after 50 years with the programming of Kathleen Hill of Port Charlotte ,Florida who the paper quoted her to say her and Mr. Hill had sleep depravation , both images and voices and excessive dreams .Easily now programmed into sub-concious and triggered to concious, With me also smells that travel via department of defence software directly to my brain while the voices taunt me saying "like that smell" and "smells like Wolfrowitz" -this possibly made and/or explainable by [name removed] a Nobal Louriate whose work includes direct brain smell and who I also had a question and answer session with after I saw her picture in the internet ,This can only be done by our National Security Agency because they told me they were NSA at times in Ft. Meade Maryland . Insane how the NSA can record and monitor nearly every microwave cell phone call but not their own torture "through the skull" Department of Defence microwave frequency spectrum. With my own private EEG's , my brain waves ,brain pattern and print a voice through the skull directly to my thought told me they do this to our Soldiers , they have data bank their EEG's and in 10 years they will have all 280 million Citizens EEG's brain waves in this NSA computer.Like I said I have recently discovered that my semen burns like fire any skin it touches just like many Military wife's have been complaining about and is well known from this War. It is microwave human computer interaction that does this.The "warfighter" the human computer interactive warfighter,is just that - interactive with a supercomputer just like me 24/7 except me being on their HCI torture "program " or "application" .Just as their own department of defence ,office of navy research, and DARPA research and development contracts state ,both in their bid contracts and their department of defence grants and funding to Universitys and Colleges state,human computer interaction. I know My EEG's were taken out of the air we breath as Americans without any CONSENT whatsoever.My emails were taken while being tortured ,my faxes not going through while the voice said "I got that one too" and torturing me with stabbing pains 24 hours a day until present ,I was transported by U.S.Military helicopter within 36 hours after arriving in the Bahamas while being heavily mind controled and tortured. While researching the torture of me via DOD's microwave spectrum and NSA artificial intelligence computer named "John" which it told me, directly to my thought, that was its name , I found software/hardware DOD RDTE Budget Justification Sheet project ST-30 on memory extraction for sleep deprived soldiers who can't recall the trama of the battle so via DOD microwave spectrum it will extract their memory of the battle. Computer to brain back to computer to record memory extraction visuals , ST-11 interactive temporal data mining ie my verbal threatening interragation of me, from computer to Human to computer via monitored Defence Departments Microwave Spectrum ,ST-31 on thought reading via DOD's Microwave Spectrum from human victim me to computer ,ST-29 on human -computer interaction through spoken English via DOD Microwave Spectrum from Human to Computer,project CCS-02 Computer Exploitation and Human Collaboration thought interaction with a computer via DOD's Microwave spectrum ie Artifical Intelligence NSA Computer taunting and torturing me, for research on this and Human/Computer research without respect to me or code 45 46 for DARPA financing. I found the contracts with ONR Office of Navy Research and Darpa .I found out this "program" was used over 25 years ago with the same M.O. because I called [name removed] in New Jersey a gentleman 62 years old that for 17 years until present has been tortured and had virtual anal rape like myself,his name [name removed] , who I know is telling the truth because after I was virtual anally raped ,I called him and asked if he had any kind of sexual abuse not telling him of mine he said he had "virtual anal insertion" So I know he's telling the truth ,same as me .Also John St. Clair Akwei court case against the NSA, [names removed] in California ,these are reputable Teachers , R.N. Nurse ,and Realtors like myself that the same M.O.for this crime for over 25 years. This is the same M.O. from these terrorists for years and years, and for that reason Homeland Security ie FBI,CIA and NSA has never solved in over 25 years the same M.O. of these treasonist terrorists .These weapons give me sleep depravation ,make me see images while being tortured verbally from department of defence spectrum microwaves with an A.I. computer , live voices, and citizens sub-concious "link-ups" to me .These weapons have downloaded dreams into me triggered while sleeping,one of my WW2 Vet Air Force father being thrown into a dug grave naked while the voice of President George H.W.Bush saying my father was MKDelta's project code blue, and another voice who said he was Col.David Moorehouse or Westmooreland who said he did organ heating to my father. Past memorys of my neiborhood friends made into dreams with "through the skull voice" saying "is that a better dream"? "how did you like that dream"? Death scenes of past lovers being killed ,[name removed] of Holden ,Massachusetts I'm very concerned about that considering what happened to my Mother after they threatened her , weeks later having brain/blood barrier leak . Rapes of my 82 year old WW2 Navy Vet mother ,and the voices telling me they will kill my mom -over 9 months straight with these voices torturing me.These federally funded and federally deployed weapons through our DOD guarded airwaves, made by department of defence sub-contractors grants to our Universitys and Colleges to research and development on human computer interaction by DARPA funded projects and using the department of defence microwave spectrum to deploy the torture of an American Citizen me [name removed]

Friday, September 15, 2006

DOD Novel, pt. 3

You wanted more (or at least Brian did), you got it. More of the DOD Novel. Note that when you finish reading pt. 3 here, you're about half way through the e-mail. You sure you want more? This one gets heavy into the mind control.

When I returned to Ft Lauderdale International Airport from UMASS Medical I went to the parking garage to my truck ,when I got inside there was the same exact smell as the dead flesh smell, that blew up inside me, on a bag in my truck .I took the bag and called Ft Lauderdale police to try to have it poison or lab examined but the officer couldn't do it and I certainly could not blame him. Also my sunglasses were missing .They must have took one of the things they put inside my body like a capsule and broke one open and spread it on the bag in my car to again make me vomit ,go insane and/or commit suicide. Voices through my skull also said they were going to kill my mother , 24 hours a day. When the voices had names and played a rape of my 82 year old WW2 vet mom -they said this is Cheney and Wolforvitz and my mom said "get off me Cheney" in her actual voice, through my skull into my brain ,with a whole rape senerio with my mom screaming .I called the next day and she didn't sound herself she sounded shaken up ,this department of defence airwaves rape of my mom they played for a week staight 24/7 over and over in my mind "through the skull" voice twenty four hours a day via their NSA computer through the Department of Defence radio frequency microwave spectrum, on a "looped" recording of the DOD airwaves ,DOD computer rape. A voice that was a constant one said "I mindraped your mother " .Within weeks after that , my mom had a brain blood barrier leak which I read this technology can cause especially in older people .After that she went home from the hospital and a voice said she fell - I called my mom and sure enough she fell more anger and fear raged inside me with chest and head pains and nothing I could do about this "Power Discreet" secret to destroy citizens with DOD software/hardware applications. .Then death threats of my mom for 6 months straight continued with threats 2-50 times a day ,round the clock,of killing my mom . Murders of my Mother ,[name removed] ,heart attacks and deaths of [name removed] , [name removed] , brother -in-law [name removed], [name removed], and a senerio with [name removed]'s ankles being blown off by the things that were implanted in my stomach but bigger explosions were downloaded into my memory (I know now by the technology) and activated out to real time day-dream like images with threats in real-time ,(senerios) and A.I. and real-time voices telling me they were all dead. What was in real-time and what was not either way downloaded into me and to my auditory nerve , and my eyes nerve, they can do both download into my memory voice and images to be triggered out along with real-time voices/threats like they did to me . They have both brain and "ears" sort of speak,with controled brain chemical output. Therefore, full control of conciousness.These senerios and death threat stories of my family members some actual like my mom's brain/blood barrier leak ,are layered threatning senerios with 3,4,5 different stories going at once taking my stessed fearful mind in many different directions,all at once to torture and induce heart failure. Also every time I would talk to a person or pass by a person of Africian decent "nigger" would pop into my mind at that split second I first see that person ,on duty people using voice through the skull or programmed using facial recognition . This was programmed to excess so the DoD programs racial prejudice into a software application to perpetuate hate. Just like calling me Iraqi for months and months. There was another senerio lasting days with the dead Saddam Hussain sons over my Mother's house torturing her ,Ouidi and Cousi, they said they were while threatning my 82 year old WW2 vet MOM. Military voices were threatening me 24/7 and my MOM all speaking perfect English . I went back to Florida .During this torture and mind control for about 4 weeks a white SUV Ford Escape had been following me License plate Florida [detailed vehicle information removed] ,I reported it to Ft. Lauderdale Police case 04-076-803 , on 06/21/04 I hired a private dectective [name removed] from Ft Lauderdale to get the above imformation and the fact that this vehicle is registered to Gelco Corporation 3 Capitol Drive , Eden Prairie, MN. 55344 and the lien holder the same , part of G.E. Capitol Fleet Leasing .I also have another case Naples Police , Officer Parr 04-02-3531 .This person followed me during the Goverment torture of me all over Southern Florida . I remembered when I had stock in the stock market including defence , I remembered there were companys doing "Microwave Weapons" technology research,Raytheon and universitys like Carnegie Mellon who does alot of defence work. I asked one of the military kids "voices" I was hearing who ordered this -he said General Miller . I went to Kinkos spent hundreds of dollars on research in their computers to find General Miller of "Gitmo" and the report that the International Red Cross had seen a HUGE unbelieveable number of "detainees" that quickly went "insane" and many commited "suicide" ......more than any other prison camp in U.S. History. This made since because when I was at UMASS Hospital, 8th floor, Plantation St Worcester , Ma. Every time I went near a window on the 8th floor I would hear the command to "JUMP!" "Jump" and "end it" and "just end it" "kill yourself" also "take him out" and "shoot him" I slept under the bed that night away from the window. This was starting to finally make since living in Florida anything can happen .I was mind-controled , I had commands to "look left" "look right " "look up" "look down" This overpowered anything I could do but look in those directions.While on the highway in Massachusetts the voices were giving me commands to "look up" and I couldn't stop it, I had to look up , but also they took my arm uncontrollably and jerked it making me swerve towards another car then a female voice said "lookout!" and I just barely got back into my lane before almost crashing , this happened twice on the highway. They said "shut up" to me when I was thinking to myself but with them listening , and they'd tell me to "shut up" directly to my brain and thoughts ,they commanded me to be quiet,talking control of my body and mind,and threatning my family , friends and loved ones. For 24 hours a day for 9 months they would give me stabbing pains in my stomach,head ,chest ,legs, groin ,penis,scrotum,heat my organs , heated my head both in the Bahamas where I got lumps and bumps down my throat afterwoods and had to hold my head from expanding in incredible pain ,plus my head was hot to the touch for over two and a half hours , I was in great unbearable pain also in Ft. Lauderdale on Bayview Drive they did the same thing ,and in the Victoria Park area . In Ft. Meyers,and Port Charlotte N.C.,Worcester Ma,Holden Ma.,West Boylston Ma , Princton Ma,Boston Ma ,Washington D.C. and all the states with my connecting flights and Canada excruciating pains , my arms would jerk uncontrollably at their commands I could at times hear voice commands and comments like "asshole" and such, my legs and fingers are also at their voice commands and computer controls.Also portions of my chemical makeup like dopemine,adrenaline and more are controled by the Department of Defence and/or their subcontractors.When I asked the computer once figured out for more dopemine a voice would say "more dopemine?" I would then answer yes and almost instantly feel a little better during the torture. They would ridicule me laughing in the shower bathroom anywhere 24/7 while saying "feel sick" as they make me vomit by touching some sort of computer devise or voice command. They can move my arms,legs,fingers,control urine for over 15 hours without urinating ,bowels ,raped me up my rectum with virtual rape ,beat me 24/7 with stabbing pains to present day, sexual abuse of penis ,they caused chest pains,leg pains,stabbing pains while ridiculing me , took all my faxes,emails ,made my phone calls go to other places or not through at all ,while at the same time ridiculing me with voice through the skull saying "I got that fax " , "I got that one too" . I went to pay phone and calls wouldn't go through ,money would come back , they would say "try again loser" or "try again asshole" or "give it up the NSA can do anything" I said what? He said directly to my brain "we own the world" .Later a pain that felt like a 500lb weight was put on my chest while my chest filled with gasses I almost had another heart attack many times when they did this .I went to the Bahamas August 4th 2004 arriving at Marsh Harbor where I went to the Bank ATM and my First National Bank of Florida debit/visa card, the one I opened at Del Prado road in Cape Coral would not work at all, even though I had plenty of money in it.I just found out this January 2005 that the debit/visa card has been taken out of the bank computer completely after a voice saying it was Porter Goss said he "froze my accounts" . This debit/visa card was taken out and wiped clean out of the computer. A virtual reality bullet in my brain , while I was in the Bahamas when I was sleeping in a very light sleep state,heard a gunshot in the Downtown Central Jail , and I was seeing a bullet in my brain while at the same time I was whiting out with a huge bright light. I couldn't move or wake up and I felt my system shutting down and my heart slowing down ,then all of a sudden the bullet seemed to reverse itself and I could wake up and move.This was like watching a video and not being able to move.I think I was supposed to die right there in the Bahamas jail.I need to find the paid "actors" or "agents" and police that were in both Nassau Downtown Central, Foxhill Jail,and the people in the car transports to the U.S. Military Helicopter in Abaco or Marsh Harbor ,and also the American Soldiers that transported me in U.S. Military Helicopter that landed at Nassau on Aug 5th 2004 and I need the car full of Bahamas people about 4 of them that transported me to Downtown Central,near the Straw Market . At the same time I was in the bahamas being mind controled and transported by U.S. Military helicopter the so-called "Bush threat Assessment Team " called my brother in Toronto,Canada .WHO were these Bush Threat Assessment Team ? Were they actually the Bush Mind-Control team,calling at the same time I was being TORTURED ,threatened , controled and transported with U.S. Military helicopter in the Country of the Bahamas.I was taunted by voices saying "we got you Iraqi" "we got you Iraqi" at the same time my organs Liver,Kidneys being stabbed and sliced ,hot needles seemed to continuely be put through my skull , stabbing stomach and intestine pain 24/7 non-stop. The reason I was in the Bahamas was after being tortured in the United States and my home in Florida ,I tried to escape to another Country thinking it would go away but it didn't.While in the Bahamas I was walking past a small airport on Marsh Harbor when there was a senerio,a long story of my brother coming in by plane to rescue me ,as I got closer to a plane me brother's voice yelled help louder and louder ,I jumped on the wing of the plane and knocked on the hatch/door ,the voice of my brother screamed louder and louder -I got a fire extinguser and hit the window behind the hatch then the police took me away to jail.I'm 46 years old and don't jump on brand new Gulfstream planes and attack it.While in March Harbor,Bahamas the police told me to take a seat in a certain room and on that seat is where my head was heated hot August 5,2004 .For 3 hours my head was hot to the touch .Lumps and bumps formed down my throat wind-pipe.I was later told I am sterile by these same voices.I was then flown the night of August 5th by United States Military helicopter to Nassau,Bahamas .The pilot was from New England maybe Massachusetts area who showed me my harness,the soldier who sat to the left me of me was white with a southern accent and kept his helmit on,the soldier to my right was African American with a holding a rifle,and I think there was another Soldier present. In Nassau I was interviewed by a person saying he was [name removed],red hair, I talked of a Black Box because at Marsh Harbor the voices said the black box was heating my head. At Nassau Downtown central jail voices saying I'm a baby kiler ,later on gunshots being fired. August 6th 2004 in Nassau Downtown Central more gunshots then the voice said after I got up and said to myself " Holy Shit " , "they kill baby killers outback" , almost having a heart attack they sensed the fear on their EEG computer with their fear-o-meter or whatever monitors this for them to trigger more torture ,fear, and to cause heart failure & insanity they said "your going to hang in the Town Square" then I started to believe them cause it's in your brain and gunshots just went off in the freakin jail and outside the jail , saying again within 20 minutes "saying at 6pm you'll hang".

Monday, September 11, 2006

Robin, R-O-B-I-N

I guess it's time I put in some real work here and post a story of my own instead of just crazy people's emails. And the story I'm going to tell is of Robin, R-O-B-I-N.

Lest you think the crazy people only email Microsoft, let me assure you that they call on the phone too. Before I got on the email support team, I was on the phones. Back then, if you called in after 6pm and wanted help, you could get support for a charge. Also, the line you called for paid support was an 800 number, but the one for free support was long distance (unless you lived near Redmond).

So, once a week or so, after six pm a phone call would come in on the toll-free paid support line from Robin. You always knew it was Robin because when you asked for his name he would say it, and then spell it out: "Robin, R-O-B-I-N".

Robin was a nuisance. He always called and really just wanted to chat, and what he chatted about made no sense. One time he called and said he thought Microsoft should make a browser that was "compatible with both Internet Explorer and Netscape". I only actually spoke to him once, but I had already been warned about him by others. There was a major virus outbreak. There were two variants of the virus - one that affected Microsoft Word, and one that affected Microsoft Excel. Robin argued with me for 10 minutes that there was a third variant he had heard about that affected something else, and he wanted to know what. There was no third variant, Robin hadn't heard there was a third variant, he just wanted to talk to someone. Robin never wanted actual technical support. I suspect he just didn't have any friends, on account of he was a little bit crazy. I got rid of Robin the easiest way we knew how: I told him if he wanted help with something, he had to pay; otherwise, I had other customers waiting. He always gave up when you played that trump card.

Some guys on graveyard shift would use Robin to make their nights easier for 10 or 15 minutes. You could ask him an open-ended question, like, "Well, Robin, what do you think of Linux?" and then just kick your headphones off for 10 minutes. Robin would talk and talk and talk, and you would never have to worry about him asking for a response or hanging up.

There was one guy on graveyard who was just about as crazy as Robin. We'll just call him "B". B could regale you for an hour on the benefits of flaxseed oil, or how sugar was worse for you than cocaine. (Tangent: One night, B was in the breakroom when I came in for a soda, and he started talking to me. I was making my escape when another co-worker who I did not like came in, and asked what we were talking about. I said "flaxseed oil" and walked out. I saw said co-worker leave the break room 45 minutes later, holding his head like it hurt.)
The funniest times were when B would get a call from Robin. That was a half-hour call right there, guaranteed. Robin would talk about the internet, and B would talk about how it was all going to be virtual reality soon or how the internet wouldn't matter once we colonized the moon. I don't think either one knew what the other was talking about, but the one side of the conversations we heard were very interesting.

Robin was, in my view, just a harmless, lonely nutjob. Until one day we got an email from him. One of my other co-workers, who we'll call "J", got the email. Like me and most others, she did phone support before getting on the email team, so she immediately recognized Robin's name. "Oh my god!" she yelled, "It's Robin! He's emailing us now! And there's a link to his website in here!"
A few of us who had worked nights and knew who he was immediately gathered round. "Check out his site, let's see if there's a picture or something," we said.

Robin always mentioned that he was in college. We often doubted that, but his website was hosted by a college. The site had a hideous bright pink background with blue and red fonts. Some of the links on the page were set in fonts as high as 30 (huge). It was awful. No picture of Robin though. Mostly he had posted "papers" he wrote for school. These all - every single one - were about the internet. I have no idea what you can study in college and write all your papers about the internet, but Robin did. But no picture, so we were all sad. Then we saw, in tiny 6 point font, at the bottom: "Misc."

"Oooh, oooh, try 'Miscellaneous', maybe there's a picture there," we said. J dutifully clicked the little "Misc."
Up came a powerpoint slideshow. The first slide was the Olsen twins, in some seen where they were at the beach in bikinis. I'm not talking Olsen twins now, I'm talking when they were like 8. "What the hell?" we all kind of said. J clicked on to the next one. Full blown porno picture, money shot and everything. J screamed and closed the browser. We all kind of looked at each other and shuddered. "I need a shower," someone said. That was the moment Robin went from harmless crazy to sick freak in our minds.

Lest you think we were being too judgemental, some of us checked the site later (from home, not work). The whole slide show was like that - picture of child in swimsuit, picture of hardcore pornography. Picture of child in swimsuit, picture of hardcare pornography. EEEWWWWW. An anonymous report was made to the school about the slideshow, since they hosted the site, but none of us had the stomach to go back and check. It was the last time I wanted to have anything to do with Robin, R-O-B-I-N.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

DOD Novel, pt. 2

Here's another piece of the same e-mail from the DOD crazy guy. This is all the more I am going to post of his e-mail...understand that I could make 4 more posts of this lenght easy, all from this one e-mail. It amazes how much personal information these people numbers, addresses, social security numbers, relatives' names. You'd think if you were paranoid, you wouldn't want to give out that kind of information. But you'll see a ton of [removed] comments from me in this post.

STATEMENT OF FACTS :...This is my statement of absolute truth , the facts, of what happened to me [name removed] through mind control attacks of the UNITED STATESGOVERMENT ........... I'm [name removed] born [info removed], raised entirely in [removed], going through their school system , before moving to [removed] Florida. After 10 years there I moved to the west coast to [removed]. I am a licensed Realtor in Florida 10 years Lic [number removed] and also worked at [removed] an active Union Member CWA AFL-CIO, and in [removed] I worked 20 years Construction at [removed]. In [removed] , they were montering my calls at my desk but also my private Cingular Cell phone was being montored . I figured it's Bell South security,when I heard the clicks and muttering on my cell phone in the backround.I told them as with my supervisors at Bell South to get the hell off the phone . One day while coming home from work there was a navy blue suv around 2001,2002 in my driveway the person showing no badge who said he was "doing an investagation" he had black hair wavy, and I told him to move. When I moved to [removed] I took an apartment,bought a Verizon phone ,lived at the [removed] and bought a home in [removed] to remodel .When I heard people pick-up on my cell phone like at Bell South when they were monitoring me ,I was swearing at them and saying what are you going to do next send someone after me ? Then the next night while returning from [removed] I was followed by a green Nissan Pickup truck with a cap about a 1990 year with two bald military type men in it ,one on the passenger side hanging out the window just stareing at me with a black knit hat on ,while I was driving from 30 mph to 65 mph they stuck right next to me for 10-15 miles,mostly just staring at me. I don't know exactly when it all started but after I moved to the West coast of Florida.There bought some land ,has a bad business deal with [removed] a man about 6'4" gray ahir who said he was doing a "big goverment job" - needless to say I stopped payment on him because of lack of work and quality never recieved. Then about a month and a half later around 5/21/04 I started hearing super high pitched tones at night and a woman's voice saying "crazy" 24 hours a day round the clock at 1-3 minute increments like a looped computer phrase. This lasted for months and months , at both my apartment number [detailed address removed] and all areas in between .It as so bad this frequency directly to my brain at night it woke me up and made me sick EVERY night and morning -very sick in the bathroom both diarrea and vomitting,while voices started torturing me using my neibors voice. On 5/23/04 I yelled at my neibor because I thought his girlfriend was calling me "crazy" at 1-3 minute intervils 24 hours a day and ridiculing me.I told him to stop and threatened him if he doesn't leave me alone. This lasted round the clock for months changing increments to 10 minutes , 30 minutes amd more . At an eating place in [removed] called [name removed] at the Raddison Inn a lady sat next to me and said into her shoulder "he'll be alright" I thought what was that comment while I was in mind-control manlipulation . This woman was chubby , short auburn hair , wore a diamond tennis bracelet on her left wrist . Being a 4 year Bell South worker with a head set on everyday I know this high pitched frequency was WAY out of the NORMAL , ABNORMAL. I called a Private Detective who was ex CIA and ex Secret service , he said the only people who can do this high frequency harassment was NSA. He said that's EXACTLY what it does is affects your stomach so you have to "go" take a crap-sometimes 5 times a day the pitch was so loud in my brain.On 5/25/04 working on my home in [removed] I heard voices calling me "pussy" round the clock and I went into the woods figureing maybe the new neibors didn't like me . I couldn't find anyone and tried to go back to work but to no avail. I awoke one day at my apartment with scabs around my stomach /intestine area about four of them and my temples bleeding .I thought nothing of that ,thought they might be bugs or something. Then the "audio" started more severely , at night ,every night , for months , I'd hear 3 different voices ,one being a woman , I'll call Military type kids calling me "asshole" "IRAQI " and "crazy" and "stupid" all through the day and night like it was on CD disk .Like a looped tape that played through the night ,over and over . I went to[removed] followed by two SUV's one blue one red and another , the men inside had phone devices ,they followed me all the way across but I had directed energy shots all over my body heating up my body hot as they attacked me at different speeds all they way across allagator alley in florida. In Ft.Lauderdale the through the skull voice directed me as I was on Commercial Blvd to the Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport and hanger 12 or 15 where a super-stretch Limo , a white Lincoln was there and seemed to direct me to it ,the voices commanding me exactly wjere to go , I was outside yelling at it, I looked inside but only saw someone young with curly brown hair in it. Now I thought , this is getting unreal, commanded by a voice to a hanger at Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport, and right to a stretch Limo a new Lincoln. I carry a cell phone and in Ft.Lauderdale with a 954 exchange a Ft. Lauderdale phone number [number removed], my calls on my phone bill stated that calls I made in Ft Lauderdale to another Ft Lauderdale phone number originated in Longboat Key - that's not possible considering I worked for the phone company and was a Realtor in Ft. Lauderdale for 10 years .At its farthest point from Ft Lauderdale a cell phone call would use an Oakland Park tower but most importantly certainly my 954 Ft Lauderdale exchange phone number calling another Ft Lauderdale exchange wouldn't have Longboat Key as the calls originator, an island off Sarasota in the Gulf of Mexico. Impossible unless Goverment or the phone company interferred. I couldn't sleep I had lots of sleep depravation , sometimes 2-3 days without sleep .I slept 1-2 hours a night ,couldn't eat much as the high pitched frequency plays through my brain for over 8 months and even today. It was hard to go to the bathroom without these high pitched frequency's starting and hurting me and my stomach,while voices tortured me ,I was vomitting and had dirarrea at the same time .On 6/11/04 I went to Massachusetts while on the plane was ridiculed by the voices that they were going to hurt me , because of the voices I went to the plane's lav where they were laughing at me and I tried punching above my ears to break anything that might have been in there electronically from when my temples were bleeding.They kept saying "it's in his brain "'s in his brain" .On 6/11/04 when arriving in Massachusetts I went to Memorial Hospital Emergency Ward where a Navy Seal dressed in a red shirt with Navy Seal across it in big letters ,blue shorts and a black gym bag came in while I was being threatened by the through the skull voice ,he said Ma,Ma Pa Pa , Ma Ma's in trouble ,I asked him if he's OK? He said "mind your own business" I said "I am minding my own business I'm just worried about you" Then I was called to get my blood pressure taken and the threats against my mother started for the first time ,that she was going to be killed .The Navy Seal obviously had everything to do with my Mom being threatened , it started at that exact same time and the Navy Seal got up from the chair in the Emergancy Ward of Memorial Hospital and left without being called to see a Doctor - he only came into the Emergancy Ward ,sat next to me , said what he said , and stayed for less than 8 minutes in the Emergancy Ward before getting up and leaving . I didn't stay long there , I was scared for my life and the lives of my family members especially my WW2 Navy Vet Mom. I went to the Store 24 in the South end of Worcester,Massachusetts where in the store I was talking to a man , after finishing the conversation , I walked away ,when nearing the door I heard his same voice call me an "asshole" I turned and of course he didn't it was just the super-computer taking his voice digitalizing it and someone using speech to speech or text to speech , via the department of defence microwave spectrum ,saying asshole in his voice directly , to my brain.I realized this is the super-computer just in time before I said anything ,and learning this is part of the "program" ,"application" our department of defence has to drive an American Citizen insane,to fights , conflicts,and/or suicides or institutionalized using department of defence computers and airwaves,the same criminal M.O. I found out for 20 years of victims.This type of department of defence supercomputer provocation happened many more times especially with neibors voices ,which is part of our department of defence application/program to destroy a Citizen . I was losing weight rapidly.Lost 30 lbs from 180-150 . 30 lbs in about 4 weeks .I went to Crowne Plaza Worcester when the voices threatened to kill me ,I called the police told them over the phone a white lie that it was a domestic disbute and to come quickly , I tried to explain , even about microwaves and technology after researching what the Private Investagator told me about the NSA and high pitched frequencys . Of course they took me to the "nut house" 8th floor UMASS Medical Plantation [info removed]. Where I found out I'm Anemic,blood counts were down to half ,and I had bowel movements of black blood, where the Doctor at Umass on Plantation Street in Worcester Massachusetts said "I'm the first man he's ever seen anemic" . Then the voice started to threaten me and my family. At UMass is where took a strobe light EEG's taking my evoked responces . The things in my stomach/intestine area where the scabs were exploded while the voice said "you're dead " then he said "number 2" and "you're dead" as the second "capsule" exploded ,I asked the voice what was in them he said "acid" then he said "number 3 " and the next one exploded "your going to die" the voice said , I asked what was in that one he said " strictnine" which smelled like dead flesh or rotted fish and when I went to the bathroom rotted flesh smell came out and a through the skull voice said "smells like a dead person " "like your mother" After that the 4th one exploded then one exploded inside my left temple area ,with each one exploding I got a huge hot flash in my head like an instant 103 ,104 temperture . These threats were constant 24/7 , round the clock.