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DOD Novel, pt 5

Alright, I thought this was going to be the last one, but it would just be too long. Looks like the DOD Novel is 6 chapters.
In this exciting chapter, our intrepid hero talks via microwave with many governmental officials, Hollywood stars (including Joe Pesci and Molly Ringwald - Oh boy!), and Nobel laureates who aren't Nobel laureates.

Also using Department of Defence supercomputers for the Human Computer Interaction torture of me along with sub-contractors and sponcers in conjunction with department of defence funds and with possibly the research of nobal louriates such as [names removed] who I questioned after seeing his recorded interview in the internet via DOD microwaves,DOD computer and his voice and image.This DOD research and funded technologies made my heart skip a beat in Worcester ,Massachusetts as I clutched my chest in pain hanging on to the rented SUV drivers door and the military voice said "his heart skipped a beat" .I believe they had some sort of human to computer biological monitoring software to know this. Also high pitched frequencys that uploads to the NSA computer my memory and real time situations seeing what I see, from sexual intercourse with a Lover in my bathroom and elsewhere while ridiculing me , to bathroom times ,shower times , to downloading into my brain ,terrorist attacks through the department of defence microwave spectrum into my brain. While in Ft. Lauderdale saying "beach place is gone" with sound effects of explosions in my brain while I was near Beach Place on Sunrise Blvd ,in Ft. Lauderdale.This they downloaded into memory via the department of defence microwave spectrum once again the same spectrum controled by the NSA Signals Intelligence Officer by the Department of Defence for our National Defence and Security . The computer they use said it was the NSA computer named "JOHN" ,in many different A.I. voices and personalities, computer virtual personalities -ones not taken from real persons like citizens of the United States and the world along with their envoked potentials and stored , are patented by General Magic . The technology can question and interragate , destroy , and program for murder anyone's sub-concious mind without them knowing at all being asleep or awake ,and without their permission . Therefore the voices and names I state below who made comments ,tortured me, or conversed with me for support, was either their sub-concious thoughts being infultrated in real time by the department of defence technologies , or interragated thoughts,memorys, previously recorded into the department of defence computer and sent to me , or computer to my brain via microwaves in real time link-up ,either the concious or sub-concious thoughts of these people , or live via computer or phone via department of defence's spectrum once again controled by them , to my brain. With this their EEG's would have been in the super-computer and them "called up" by the NSA/CIA using my memory ,DOD microwaves, DOD super-computer , whether Presidents , Cabinet members, Military Officers , Foreign heads of State , family ,friends,loved ones,or Hollywood stars, they used many of them including Nobal Louriates [names removed] who I conversed with via microwaves and whose research attests to concious and sub-concious workings.To torture me they used these voices who, because this technology can do question and answers with a person's sub-concious without their knowledge, there is no way to tell if that happened, or, if it's just digitalized NSA computer voices sent to torture,with real-time questions and answers . This is a very important point in this technology already developed.Your concious thoughts it can answer or comment back using your sub-concious thoughts and reply in anyone's voice that you think of ,or picture because of facial recognition ,that's in the Department of Defence supercomputer. It's facial recognition ,voice recognition but it's actually mind recognition of a person who can respond to your own thoughts in their own voice , via DOD's computer and DOD's available data bank. Weather citizens thoughts, voices,and personalities are previously data banked, or EEG's of Citizens they have data banked are "called up" for real-time just another way my department of defence who tortures me an American Citizen and others . It is their super-computer NSA/CIA trait for destroying an American without me thinking of them ,which can only be done by the computer putting them in my thoughts using DOD microwaves just as the computer puts "voice through the skull " to torture. At times I have told the NSA computer named "John" to go find certain world leaders and such for a Q&A session using this super-computer -linked up illegally to my brain.When I do this ,it actually finds that person maybe by their EEG's anywhere and questions their sub-concious in real-time without them knowing it. From a vast department of defence data bank,it can also put more than one person's sub-concious thoughts in real time into a sort of "chat room" with other people's sub-concious real time thoughts and the real-time ,to try to drive me synethically insane. Artificial Intelligence and the memory of people whose memory , personality and voice has already been extracted,and data banked are used in this computer.I can only describe what it does as a layman , my Country's department of defence super-computer and a program ,system, or application to destroy its Citizens . The voices appearing and questioned were :President George W. Bush's voice , Laura Bush's voice and image ,Dick Cheney 's voice and image ,Connie Rice's name and voice,Paul Wolforvitz voice,President George H.W. Bush voice,John Kerry name and voice and image,[names removed] had an entire George Soros senerio with him coming to rescue me while in jail in the Bahamas with explosions in the foxhill prison opening jail doors and a person in the doorway yelling [name removed] I tried to make it to the door but the all-England military type people that were in the jail wouldn't let me out .There were about 40 men from England who looked like Military when there were explosions in Foxhill Prison and the door flung open with a man who said [name removed] . I tried to leave but at that time the English men were stopping me ,getting in my way ,and taking the buckets out of the cell and into the hallway at 3-4 am in the morning. I would like to find these people ,from the Bahamas police and their records. Also another senerio with John Kerry's voice coming to rescue me with explosions ,gunshots and images of him outside the Bahamas Nassau Downtown Central jail.That lasted 8 hours and more .My own father ,a WW2 Air Force vet gunner ,[name removed]'s memory were tarnished by these terrorists. Barbara Boxer's name and voice talked with her for about a week ,also senerio's of JFK Jr's plane going down with images and a voice that said they took care of JFK Jr's "magnetics" , John McCain's name and voice and image ,Harrison Ford's name and voice , Ted Kennedy name and voice and image, Jack Nickelson's name and voice and 3D image, I talked with him for about 4 days on and off ,Tom Cruise's name and voice,also a voice saying he's Jose Delgato,John Norseen from Lockhead Martin , Igor Smirnov name and voice , Tom Green,Susan Sarandon's hologram appeared before me saying she's Susan in her voice ,Angelina Jolie in a holograph interviewing me in her United Nations capasity and in her actual voice,Micheal Bolton,[name removed] (Bell South trainer), Steven Segal name and voice- I had a conversation with him ,Brad Pitt and his wife in 3D interactive image and voice,John Travolta with a long senerio how he was going to fly his jet to pick me up and rescue me ,Tony Danza name and voice, Joe Pesci name and voice, Arnold Swartznegger the govenor of California's name and voice ,Joe Tobacco in his voice and name talking with me because I told them at the department of defence and was thinking many times as the torture continues that Joe was my family's Lawyer for 30 plus years -I recalled Joe in my memory ,then his image and voice appeared and via the DOD microwaves DOD computer I did a question and answer session , Renee Zwelwigger's name and voice ,Harrison Ford name and voice ,neibor's [name removed] name and voice in the Polo Ft. Meyers Jason and Mary,Neibors voices across ,friend [name removed] of Boca Raton a Brittish citizen name and voice , [name removed] of Boca Raton,[name removed] name and voice ,Chris Brown ,MSNBC's Hardball Chris Matthews name and voice -I talked with him for over one week ,Senator Ed Markey name and voice ,Donald Rumsfeld's name and voice ,President Jacques Chirac name and voice ,Prime Minister Tony Blair name and voice I had a conversation with him ,Senator Joe Biden voice and name,Alan Dershawitz the Harvard Lawyer's name and voice,and image , I had many question and answer sessions with him , Senator Ed Markey and Bill Nelson I had questions for him , also Danzel Washington who sounded like him but said he wasn't an actor , ,President Vadimir Putin,President V. Fox of Mexico's name and voice , Mel Gibson name and voice -I had a long conversations consisting again of questions and answers with him many times ,Cameron Diaz , Tom Hanks name and voice who said "I'm here for you [name removed]" ,Drew Barrymore ,Lucy Lu.Are these their actual real-time sub-concious conversations with me over the department of defences microwave spectrum with this secret NSA terror weapon ? More names I've talked with are John Negroponte asking him when he will do something about this , Ted Turner's voice and name ,Roupert Murdock name and voice , David E. Sanger name and voice , Patrick D. Healy, Carlotta Gall name and voice, Edward Wong name and voice, [name removed] name and voice , [name removed] name and voice , many questions with [name removed] (CWA) and James Hoffa , Madonna , Michelle Phiffer , [name removed] (Bell South CWA) ,Moreen Dowd name and voice , [name removed] name and voice ,[names removed] she said of Chicago area , [name removed] said he's a reporter, [whole bunch of names] , Yoshinori Ono , [name removed] , Molly Ringwald , Because the computer can join you together into conversations and question another person's sub-concious totally without their knowledge,they need to be notified about this .Or is it just NSA supercomputer digitalized voices from memorys previously extracted and data banked,and using A.I. and thought words for the Memex type technology to pick out and trigger evoked potentials emotions ,such as angry or fear (loves that one) which in turn tuiggers another A.I. voice responce to my thoughts via department of defence microwave spectrum, -considering they were answering my questions in real-time in their voices and personalities and the technology can do this -all these are valid questions to this torture and the Citizens need to know about this genocide with 20 years history ,and this terrorism against me . While I was in Boston,Massachusetts while being tortured I stayed at the Hampton Bay Inn in Chelsea area, and while I had the voices screaming at me ,I had an epliptic like attack with my body spasms from all my muscles all at the same time and a voice saying "Don't die on me Iraqi" "don't die on me Iraqi". I was on the floor when Cataldo Ambulance took me to Whittier General .I didn't explain the voices , they said it was a panic attack. ......I read later in the Sun-Sentinal a report these threats were used to "break " people are called catogory 3 threats using family , friends and threats of murder . Mind you , I learned this the hard way AFTER THE FACT. The stabbing pains and high pitched frequency - which was every day and every night, along with catogory 3 threats of family members ,friends, loved ones,along with neibors, in my brain which is actually called "through the skull voice it still torturing me . I found the Sea/Kohn's Project contract with the Awarding Agency being the Department of Defence ,SBIR contract number F41624-95-C-9007 , Title; Communicating via the Microwave Auditory Effect , Company name and address ;Science and Engineering Assoc,INC. 6100 Uptown Blvd NE ,Albuquerque ,NM 87110 . Phone # 505-884-2300 , Description: Radio frequency communications via Microwaves and the Auditory nerve in the skull ,numerous military applications exist in areas of search ,rescue, special operations,security. Project funding : $739,995.00 Earlier study ;department of defence awarded and contract number F41624-93-C-9013 Brian Kohn's project OPIC number AF93-026, Control number 93AL-185. This absolute proof the department of defence uses this technology. I also had between October 22,2004- November 22,2004 a directed energy electromagnetic attack on my home at [address removed] Florida that at the same split-second it put out all my house lights and stalled my 2002 truck while I was being taunted and tortured by a voice through my auditory nerve in my skull, at the exact same second. A citizen right here in Florida,tortured . I went to Washington D.C. by U.S. Air June 28,2004 as I was going to leave my papers with senators , I called DARPA asked questions to Douglas Gage and 20 minutes later - police were at my Hotel door Mayflower Hotel telling me I threatened to "hurt myself" and they had to bring me in, yup 1 day in a Washington "nut house" .After leaving [address removed] Washington D.C., I went to the Russell Senate Office Building and the Hart Senate Building and left the facts of what was happening to me and the threats of my Mother and Family, friends ,I compared some of the technology effects with that of the Lifelog program and left it at John McCain's office also Hilary Clinton, Ed Markey,John Kerry,Carl Levin, Barbara Boxer,Patrick Leahy,nearly all of the Hart and Russell Office Building Senators and faxed/sent mail to John Ashcroft ,Cia Directors Porter Goss and Tenent ,Professor Alan Dershowitz,Secratary of State Colin Powell,FCC's Micheal Powell,Senator Arlin,Senator Diane Feinstein,Lawyer Erin Brockovitz,Senator Joe Biden, Spector, Vice President Dick Cheney,National Security Advisor Connie Rice, Alcee Hastings office in Oakland park left papers there ,Florida ,Senator Bill Nelson's Lauderdale Lakes Florida left papers there, Nearly NONE of my faxes , or e-mails make it out of Florida most all of my faxes and e-mails are intercepted -even to Senators and Congress. In Naples Florida I was followed to mail boxes while I mailed letters to Senators and Congress that I believe they picked up,considering they were following me right to the mail box. I have returned mail addressed to Rockefeller Center to Katie Couric and others in Rockefeller Center that are in the media that was returned to me with a rubber stamp reading "not known New York ,New York" . How's THAT for the AMERICA Adams, Jefferson, Washington and Franklin made and started in my home state of Massachusetts. From faxes and emails being taken and not going through with a voice saying "I got that one " and I got that one too" , to mail addressed to Rockefeller center being returned with a stamp of "not known New York, New York". Everything I send emails Rockafeller Center and the Nobal Prize Foundation is always returned . Why ? Like so many other things the NSA control.Audio/Visual in real time during all this torture ,made possible seeing all addressed mail in real time as I wrote out the addresses . Using these methods of catogory 3 threats they threatened family from my 82 year old MOM who then had brain blood barrier leak to my brother and my family in Canada they threatened,to my sister and her family in Maine , to lovers ,friends, and more. .Also the Military persons,who said they were at Ft Meade ,Md. calling me "IRAQI" 24 hours a day when I'm American , 1/2 French , 1/4 Yankee English 1/4 Lebonese whose family's have been been in Massachusetts and New England both the [names removed] since the 1600's before America was created including the [name removed] who came over on the Mayflower in the 1600's. Racial Profiling and hate crimes along with violating our United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Nuremburg Code , Darpa code 45 46 ,industrial board approval for human experiments for funding studies were violated,NSA codes and regulations violated that need autorney generals signed paper also special court signed papers also nsa director signed papers just for any kind of observation via airwaves never mind torture and mind-control of pains ,constant death threats to me and my Mother ,family members and friends and neibors, and microcapsules blowing up inside me , United Nations Resolutions on Torture about 6 of them violated, U.N.'s Slavery Treaty when they can move your head ,heat my organs , move my eyes,legs,arms,fingers, give head pain ,heat my head then say "you're sterile" ,stabbing body pain,stabbing head pain it is mind control then your a slave these Goverment Department of Defence terrorists violated, the sponcers, software and hardware manufactorers and patents that make this technology a "seemless" application all violated the United Nations Trade in Torture Equipment Agreement,to this day are torturing me. While in Ft Lauderdale the voice through the skull said "there's a bomb in your truck" I got out of the truck ASAP parked in front of a bay on Sunrise Blvd at King Auto Mall ran across the street where a huge "Beach place is gone" "beach place is gone" Now the U.S.Goverment is downloading into memory terrorist bomb threats into Citizens minds to make them insane or dead,this is what they did to me [name removed].While torturing me they gave me smells directly to my brain both bad and good ones, that a voice that said "smells like Deputy Director Paul Wolforvitz" when it smelled like dead fish ,and many different smells ,one like rotted fish ,one like flowers one like a grandmothers purfume. Most all made me vomit or want to vomit . Nobal Louriate [name removed] research could attest how this is done. Are they using her research to torture American Citizens and does she know it? The computer and these terrorist have sent me immersive interactive 3D images of Port Charlotte residents ,old girlfriends from Massachusetts, movie stars, on a regular basis. I would like to know if their EEG's would have to be in their supercomputer for them to do this or at the very least have their consent ? . How could the department of defence do this ? So please help me . Questions that need answering Who ordered the military transport of me in the Bahamas? This will lead to who the perpetrators are in the Military, and lead to these terrorists. Where can I get the Bahamas Police notes including the people who did all the transporting of me in the Bahamas ? Who were the actors /CIA at Umass Medical and the Navy Seal in Memorial Hospital ? Who were the people in the green Nissan pickup following me ? Who drove the white Gelco Corporation leased SUV that followed me for 4 weeks while this mind control and torture was going on? That will lead to the terrorists and perpetretors . What does [name removed] manager of the [name removed] apartment complex in Ft. Mayers know of the break in at my apartment that stole my property and first she said nothing was in my apartment it was "cleaned out" then I got Ft. Meyers Police there and lots of my property was in apartment # [removed] , what was she hiding and why was the apartment across from me empty of 6 months when top floor end units are the most sought after apartments anywhere ? Where can I get an International Lawyer to help me since Federal Authorities have let this genocide go scott-free for 23 years and more (based on [name removed] same experiance ,with this same crime's M.O. , my torture sodtware is just more department of defence up-to-date. Is this the way we treat WW2 vets son ? Not where I come from. They also "downloaded" into memory bin Laden fears and images into me - is this what the department of defence does to American Citizens whose family has been here since the 1600's because they can not catch bin Laden ? So they use family,friends,girlfriends, bin Laden, the Bush family , the Bush Cabinet and more to torture citizens WHY ? They tell me they are going to kill my Mom then my Mother has brain/blood barrier leak, these are the facts. They used the Dick Cheney and Jeb Bush as the biggest torturers along with the Bush family including the elderly Barbara Bush with images of them on a computer and in a virtual reality room with a virtual reality glove to torture me while at the same time using their voices "through the skull" to torture me ,taunt me and ridicule me while I'm being stabbed , slit, and "deboweled" by this virtual ,microwave , department of defence technology. This probably to make believe in their virtual loss of reality world that bin Laden terrorist are behind it when it is all documented for over 23 years and all department of defence microwave spectrum , department of defence contracts and department of defence financed and researched technology by schools and universitys financed by the Office of Navy Research and Darpa. , with military helicopter transports, and Bush goverment phone calls to my brother in Canada , with scripted questions and the same M.O. for over 23 years. More voices that were in my mind with "through the skull voice were Danzel Washington name and voice,my cousin [name removed] Detroit Mi. I took a flight Nov 24th 2004 U.S. Air Ft Meyers to Boston upon arriving drove straight to Foxwood resort to take my mind off this torture but in Foxwood resort in Mashantucket Pequot's Tribal Nation I was attacked even more and my head heated , stabbing knife pains throughout my body ,voices and hot needles going through my skull incredible pain,constant high pitched frequency going through my head -I had to leave Foxwood right away,and went to my Mom's.I was also attacked in Florida every time I go through Seminole and Missaukee Indian Nation land to pick up my mail at my Ft. Lauderdale post office box. On Thanksgiving I was attacked with stabbing pain ,voices ,high pitched frequency throughout my head ,I threw up in the bathroom and another "dream" with my father being thrown into a dug grave naked ,all this on Thanksgiving in Kennebunk Maine. The torture is non-stop. The same thing at Christmas but without the dream of my WW2 vet father at the same location throughout Maine and Massachusetts.In the Travellodge Hotel on A1A in Ft.Lauderdale recently I had a talk with the voice through my skull that said he was John or Nelson Rockerfeller -I said "the Rockerfellers" he said yes I said why are you torturing me ,is it because nobody like the young adults or kids know that name anymore he said YES , other voices that I questioned and got their answers were Woody Harrelson,[name removed] of Boca Raton,Florida [name removed] retired Kirkland Air Force Base New Mexico his voice and name, and [name removed] Chief Scientist Directed Energy Directorate A.F. Kirkland N.M.his voice and name ,[name removed] A.F. also Nobal Lourate [name removed] name and voice ,Nobal Lourate [name removed],Nobal Lourate [name removed] name and voice does he know of his work possibly used to torture American citizens? ,also Lt. General Michael V. Hayden his voice and name . Lt. Gen. Michael V. Hayden , USAF - House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence April 12 , 2000 page 4 said - "the President recognized that certain intelligence gathering techniques , SUCH AS SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE , MUST ABIDE BY THE FOURTH AMENDMENT. " It is a fact that Signals intelligence does not monitor or record this frequency but how come it records nearly all our cell phone conversations , monitors our email and faxes with echolon yet does not record this department of defence torture frequency that takes citizens by surprize in their own homes and tortures and destroys them ,men, woman , and children in their own homes ?


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