Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Christ Michael, the reprise

If you've read all the posts here, you've certainly heard from Christ Michael before. I have two more e-mails from him, short ones, so I'm going to post them today. Here's number one:

The Strategy Of Ending Evil - Iniquity Transcendental Check Mate STRATEGY AND TACTICS UNIVERSAL BUREAU OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS UNIVERSAL POLICE OFFICER 1- Flush out all known criminals and secret orders. A- Find any and all involved 'governmental', etc. criminals and expose them by direct force of spiritual authorization. B- Tell them, by any and all means, that theymust face their crimes before the Judge of Almighty Truth. C- Command them to cease from their murders, thefts, lies, and destruction or any and and all crimes. D- Deliver them to the Angels and witnesses of the Jury. E- End Their Existance. [name removed] Universal Police OfficerUniversal Bureau Of Internal AffairsAgent # 611121 D.O.B. [date of birth removed] Soc. Sec. No. [SSN removed] Published On Internet World Wide WebSeptember 2005


The second one for today:

Subject: False Internet Post Criminals At Large Salt Lake Sheriff Utah
To: [name and e-mail of somebody removed]
[name and e-mail of somebody removed]
[name and e-mail of somebody removed]

Proof Salt Lake City tried To Hide My Incarceration And refused to Inform Judge [name removed]-
Salt Lake City Justice Of The Peace Court

[name removed] -LDA
Also Tried To Hide evidence

Date I Was Booked: 6/30 Through 7-6-2005

[bunch o' identifying info removed] M W CG THREATS AGAINST LIFE OR ROPERTY-WEAPO SL The sheet said that I was a Weapon Of Mass Destruction @ Gateway Mall SLC,Utah = Accross from The Road Home Homeless Shelter I Have Thier Forged Booking Sheet!! They Have Illegally Arrested Multiple Times. Who will Stop these insane Anti-Police ? [name removed] here is the web site:

Christ Michael6111216068x8 Universal Police Officer Universal Bureau Of Internal Affairs [real name removed]