Thursday, September 07, 2006

DOD Novel, pt. 2

Here's another piece of the same e-mail from the DOD crazy guy. This is all the more I am going to post of his e-mail...understand that I could make 4 more posts of this lenght easy, all from this one e-mail. It amazes how much personal information these people numbers, addresses, social security numbers, relatives' names. You'd think if you were paranoid, you wouldn't want to give out that kind of information. But you'll see a ton of [removed] comments from me in this post.

STATEMENT OF FACTS :...This is my statement of absolute truth , the facts, of what happened to me [name removed] through mind control attacks of the UNITED STATESGOVERMENT ........... I'm [name removed] born [info removed], raised entirely in [removed], going through their school system , before moving to [removed] Florida. After 10 years there I moved to the west coast to [removed]. I am a licensed Realtor in Florida 10 years Lic [number removed] and also worked at [removed] an active Union Member CWA AFL-CIO, and in [removed] I worked 20 years Construction at [removed]. In [removed] , they were montering my calls at my desk but also my private Cingular Cell phone was being montored . I figured it's Bell South security,when I heard the clicks and muttering on my cell phone in the backround.I told them as with my supervisors at Bell South to get the hell off the phone . One day while coming home from work there was a navy blue suv around 2001,2002 in my driveway the person showing no badge who said he was "doing an investagation" he had black hair wavy, and I told him to move. When I moved to [removed] I took an apartment,bought a Verizon phone ,lived at the [removed] and bought a home in [removed] to remodel .When I heard people pick-up on my cell phone like at Bell South when they were monitoring me ,I was swearing at them and saying what are you going to do next send someone after me ? Then the next night while returning from [removed] I was followed by a green Nissan Pickup truck with a cap about a 1990 year with two bald military type men in it ,one on the passenger side hanging out the window just stareing at me with a black knit hat on ,while I was driving from 30 mph to 65 mph they stuck right next to me for 10-15 miles,mostly just staring at me. I don't know exactly when it all started but after I moved to the West coast of Florida.There bought some land ,has a bad business deal with [removed] a man about 6'4" gray ahir who said he was doing a "big goverment job" - needless to say I stopped payment on him because of lack of work and quality never recieved. Then about a month and a half later around 5/21/04 I started hearing super high pitched tones at night and a woman's voice saying "crazy" 24 hours a day round the clock at 1-3 minute increments like a looped computer phrase. This lasted for months and months , at both my apartment number [detailed address removed] and all areas in between .It as so bad this frequency directly to my brain at night it woke me up and made me sick EVERY night and morning -very sick in the bathroom both diarrea and vomitting,while voices started torturing me using my neibors voice. On 5/23/04 I yelled at my neibor because I thought his girlfriend was calling me "crazy" at 1-3 minute intervils 24 hours a day and ridiculing me.I told him to stop and threatened him if he doesn't leave me alone. This lasted round the clock for months changing increments to 10 minutes , 30 minutes amd more . At an eating place in [removed] called [name removed] at the Raddison Inn a lady sat next to me and said into her shoulder "he'll be alright" I thought what was that comment while I was in mind-control manlipulation . This woman was chubby , short auburn hair , wore a diamond tennis bracelet on her left wrist . Being a 4 year Bell South worker with a head set on everyday I know this high pitched frequency was WAY out of the NORMAL , ABNORMAL. I called a Private Detective who was ex CIA and ex Secret service , he said the only people who can do this high frequency harassment was NSA. He said that's EXACTLY what it does is affects your stomach so you have to "go" take a crap-sometimes 5 times a day the pitch was so loud in my brain.On 5/25/04 working on my home in [removed] I heard voices calling me "pussy" round the clock and I went into the woods figureing maybe the new neibors didn't like me . I couldn't find anyone and tried to go back to work but to no avail. I awoke one day at my apartment with scabs around my stomach /intestine area about four of them and my temples bleeding .I thought nothing of that ,thought they might be bugs or something. Then the "audio" started more severely , at night ,every night , for months , I'd hear 3 different voices ,one being a woman , I'll call Military type kids calling me "asshole" "IRAQI " and "crazy" and "stupid" all through the day and night like it was on CD disk .Like a looped tape that played through the night ,over and over . I went to[removed] followed by two SUV's one blue one red and another , the men inside had phone devices ,they followed me all the way across but I had directed energy shots all over my body heating up my body hot as they attacked me at different speeds all they way across allagator alley in florida. In Ft.Lauderdale the through the skull voice directed me as I was on Commercial Blvd to the Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport and hanger 12 or 15 where a super-stretch Limo , a white Lincoln was there and seemed to direct me to it ,the voices commanding me exactly wjere to go , I was outside yelling at it, I looked inside but only saw someone young with curly brown hair in it. Now I thought , this is getting unreal, commanded by a voice to a hanger at Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport, and right to a stretch Limo a new Lincoln. I carry a cell phone and in Ft.Lauderdale with a 954 exchange a Ft. Lauderdale phone number [number removed], my calls on my phone bill stated that calls I made in Ft Lauderdale to another Ft Lauderdale phone number originated in Longboat Key - that's not possible considering I worked for the phone company and was a Realtor in Ft. Lauderdale for 10 years .At its farthest point from Ft Lauderdale a cell phone call would use an Oakland Park tower but most importantly certainly my 954 Ft Lauderdale exchange phone number calling another Ft Lauderdale exchange wouldn't have Longboat Key as the calls originator, an island off Sarasota in the Gulf of Mexico. Impossible unless Goverment or the phone company interferred. I couldn't sleep I had lots of sleep depravation , sometimes 2-3 days without sleep .I slept 1-2 hours a night ,couldn't eat much as the high pitched frequency plays through my brain for over 8 months and even today. It was hard to go to the bathroom without these high pitched frequency's starting and hurting me and my stomach,while voices tortured me ,I was vomitting and had dirarrea at the same time .On 6/11/04 I went to Massachusetts while on the plane was ridiculed by the voices that they were going to hurt me , because of the voices I went to the plane's lav where they were laughing at me and I tried punching above my ears to break anything that might have been in there electronically from when my temples were bleeding.They kept saying "it's in his brain "'s in his brain" .On 6/11/04 when arriving in Massachusetts I went to Memorial Hospital Emergency Ward where a Navy Seal dressed in a red shirt with Navy Seal across it in big letters ,blue shorts and a black gym bag came in while I was being threatened by the through the skull voice ,he said Ma,Ma Pa Pa , Ma Ma's in trouble ,I asked him if he's OK? He said "mind your own business" I said "I am minding my own business I'm just worried about you" Then I was called to get my blood pressure taken and the threats against my mother started for the first time ,that she was going to be killed .The Navy Seal obviously had everything to do with my Mom being threatened , it started at that exact same time and the Navy Seal got up from the chair in the Emergancy Ward of Memorial Hospital and left without being called to see a Doctor - he only came into the Emergancy Ward ,sat next to me , said what he said , and stayed for less than 8 minutes in the Emergancy Ward before getting up and leaving . I didn't stay long there , I was scared for my life and the lives of my family members especially my WW2 Navy Vet Mom. I went to the Store 24 in the South end of Worcester,Massachusetts where in the store I was talking to a man , after finishing the conversation , I walked away ,when nearing the door I heard his same voice call me an "asshole" I turned and of course he didn't it was just the super-computer taking his voice digitalizing it and someone using speech to speech or text to speech , via the department of defence microwave spectrum ,saying asshole in his voice directly , to my brain.I realized this is the super-computer just in time before I said anything ,and learning this is part of the "program" ,"application" our department of defence has to drive an American Citizen insane,to fights , conflicts,and/or suicides or institutionalized using department of defence computers and airwaves,the same criminal M.O. I found out for 20 years of victims.This type of department of defence supercomputer provocation happened many more times especially with neibors voices ,which is part of our department of defence application/program to destroy a Citizen . I was losing weight rapidly.Lost 30 lbs from 180-150 . 30 lbs in about 4 weeks .I went to Crowne Plaza Worcester when the voices threatened to kill me ,I called the police told them over the phone a white lie that it was a domestic disbute and to come quickly , I tried to explain , even about microwaves and technology after researching what the Private Investagator told me about the NSA and high pitched frequencys . Of course they took me to the "nut house" 8th floor UMASS Medical Plantation [info removed]. Where I found out I'm Anemic,blood counts were down to half ,and I had bowel movements of black blood, where the Doctor at Umass on Plantation Street in Worcester Massachusetts said "I'm the first man he's ever seen anemic" . Then the voice started to threaten me and my family. At UMass is where took a strobe light EEG's taking my evoked responces . The things in my stomach/intestine area where the scabs were exploded while the voice said "you're dead " then he said "number 2" and "you're dead" as the second "capsule" exploded ,I asked the voice what was in them he said "acid" then he said "number 3 " and the next one exploded "your going to die" the voice said , I asked what was in that one he said " strictnine" which smelled like dead flesh or rotted fish and when I went to the bathroom rotted flesh smell came out and a through the skull voice said "smells like a dead person " "like your mother" After that the 4th one exploded then one exploded inside my left temple area ,with each one exploding I got a huge hot flash in my head like an instant 103 ,104 temperture . These threats were constant 24/7 , round the clock.


Blogger Brian said...

No! You have to post the rest of it! I want to know how he got out of the nuthouse!

9/11/2006 03:36:00 PM  
Blogger whiskypants said...

Oh, honey. That's nothing. When I worked for a Member of Congress we'd get letters like that all the time. We had so many that we had a special drawer for it - the "Messiah File" - named for a particularly nutty correspondent. Most were pretty harmless; their letters generally long and breathless, all highlighted and underlined in red pen. All proof that living is better through the powers of chemistry. And by chemistry, I mean lithium/prozac.

And I loved the Robin R-O-B-I-N story.

9/11/2006 07:54:00 PM  
Blogger Customer Service Hell said...

Brian: All right, just for you, I will post more of the DOD Novel. stay tuned.

Whisky: Oh, I'd believe you got a lot of crazies. And believe me, Microsoft and Gates draw their share. This whole blog is from e-mails captured by just one of many customer reps, and I have a library of them to choose from each time I post. I would love, though, to see the Messiah File. I'm sure it would amuse me no end.

And may I say, you're particularly bad-ass for using the "whisky" spelling rather than "whiskey". Shows you know your liqour. I myself prefer "whiskey", specifically a bourbon or so-called "Tennessee whiskey" (a term I hate because it was pretty much invented by JD to set themselves apart).

9/12/2006 12:24:00 PM  
Blogger Jay254 said...

Reminds me of when I worked in the information section of the US Copyright Office. People who seek to protect their creative output can sometimes be pretty far over the fence. From the woman who complained about arms speaking "Cuban" who reached out from her walls to steal her thoughts to the man who was convinced there were midgets in the mailboxes because his letters to our office were always being stolen instead of sent (this, in the letters we received, mind you).

9/15/2006 06:04:00 AM  

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