Monday, August 21, 2006

The DOD novel, pt. 1

This nutjob e-mail is so long, I refer to it as a "novel". It will have to broken down into parts. Here comes part one:

Department of Defence SOFTWARE giving everything from timed programmed panic attacks daily,weekly or monthly to timed sleep depravation , voices as commands and threats, dreams, images all by an artificial intelligence DOD computer ,as well as who is on duty at the time .This and more over the department of defence radio frequency microwave spectrum used for "voice through the skull" invented at Walter Reed Army by Dr Sharp and mind/body control. They have done this and more to me,and others .The granddaddy's of the destruction of man has now come to fruitation (MKUltra) from 50 years of financing and research by Office of Navy Research ,Darpa, Rockefeller Foundation , Carnegie & Mellon and more.Now it is only a matter of time for more software to expand the NSA/CIA (Homeland Security) computer to catororize what religion you pratice ,what business your in , what sexual preferances you have, what nationality you are , if your a vet or disabled vet , etc...Along with the kind of software or program they can and will put you on .From slower to progressively faster over the years panic attacks ,to how often you get depressed only the time of this has to be set in increments in the computer getting progressely closer together ,to software of synethic goverment induced insanity "voice through the skull" of anyone including voices and sub-concious responces of neibors ,friends, family to harass torture and threaten to kill you or family members, on a pre-established timed basis coubled or seemless with more of the "power discreet" software of stabbing pains,heated head and organs, heavy unbearable weights on my chest making you unable to breath and giving me heart pains with a huge amount of gas inside chest cavity ,to the virtual anal rape i had constantly , downloaded dreams and terrorist attacks into my brain with envoked potentials and triggered out at the computer persons voice or keyboard stroke. Dreams of virtual bullets going through my brain while in a semi-sleep state along with organs heart slowwing down and a big bright white light at the same time to cause heart failure , that would seem natural,also happened to me but the bullet was reversed in time. All this programmed by a click or voice done to me [name removed]. The Department of Defence human computer interaction otherwise know as mind control , because that is what is does controls your thoughts ,emotions, pain ,sexual attraction/lust ,brain chemical output to body ,stress to body and more. Hopefully soon it will be in every 7th grade textbook . Maybe DOD will keep it a secret, since they have the mind-control software/hardware just ask [name removed] of [location removed] as well as the "programmed to commit murder" widow [name removed] of [location removed] now since computers are less than 30 years old on citizen's desks - DOD has developed software which lets them do sub-concious talks to anyone without their consent or knowledge about anything with a polygragh attached .Talks to me including what church I go to, questioning me about my family ,loved ones ,friends or question your business .They can control who you pick for a spouse by controling your emotions for instance giving you pains and anger or depression near some people ,and joy and lust near others while they watch from a monitor ,to giving citizens timed routines like what time they rise up in the morning,when they urineate, what type of dreams they have taylored to our emotions (envoked potentials) all the time bad to torture ,how much pain & torture a citizen has including slicing stabbing pains,heating of their heads,virtual death dreams with bullets,timed or real-time anal and vagina virtual insertion ,control emotions, timed panic attacks triggered by your emotions(potentials/responces)or by key words ,voices and photo recognition of your thoughts can trigger panic attacks, pain attacks , anger , lust , stress, whatever envoked responce they want to activate with your thought key words (just like memox or carnovoir extracting key words can trigger envoked potentials attacks torture) voice recognition (hearing a voice can trigger good on bad evoked potentials or torture),facial recognition pulled up on the computer via your thought through the dod microwave spectrum to NSA/CIA computer in real time as you see them can envoke a responce of panic , anger , pain attacks, stress , other memorys , or anyway else they (NSA/CIA ) program it . They have done all this to me in this torture . once a week or 5 times a day whatever, download to memory as they did to me terrorist attacks of your favorite hang out, have sub-concious questions and answers from their DOD computer without my knowledge or consent ,made threats to family members 24/7 with their voices in pain as in the rape of my mother being raped and made them directly to my brain as they did to me , software of any combination of these things and more including your brain's chemical output of adrenaline,dopeamine , melatonin enhance your synethic insanity or you to commit suicide and/or programmed murder , all can be controled , brought to you by Rockefeller's ,Mellon's and Carnegie's so-called research and our Department of Defence . The destruction of man ! They have started the software programs on children like they do now, to begin from the untouched God given brain . Therefore learned/programmed human computer interaction at an early age. This is total mind-control software ,programmed to commit murder software, insanity and suicide software which they are now using on citizens every day .My personality ,emotions, memorys already extracted /data banked and filed from me and other citizens who were given these traits by GOD. Now can be "downloaded" traits into citizens all via DOD and Rockefellers imported CIA beginnings , Nazi butchers posing as scientists. Soon to be taught in schools worldwide, or shall we keep it a secret ? .....These facts are true as is my " Statement of Facts" below acting as my filed complaint with you ,to start a full investagation ,please ASAP.Please read entirely because this technology has been secret for decades,you will not know of it ,unless you look up the Department of Defence contracts ,R D from Universitys and Colleges some I've provided along with documented victims names and NSA Court Cases. All with the same crime's M.O. for twenty years plus. Prelude: Department of Defence Radio Frequency (Microwave Spectrum low-power) this technology "program" made by the United States Department of Defence and deployed from their super-computers via their department of defence controled airwaves that destroys good citizens , both physically ,emotionally and financally ,because they make it so you go insane ,commit suicide, are programmed and cannot work . They IRS audit you like me while this goes on , and they control anger ,fear, to alienate you from family . I need a Lawyer to help save America from the terror of this Human Computer Interaction "software/program" for future children and generations .

News that will make one of the nutjobs sad

It has come to my attention, through virtually every news source, that someone has confessed to the killing of JonBenet Ramsey. This matters to this blog in that one of the nutjobs I have posted about here already confessed to me that he was involved. Wiwille wonders in his comment to that post if my nutjob and this confessor are one in the same, but the answer certainly seems to be "no". The e-mails from the nutjob all have his name on them, and it differs from the current suspect. The stories are also vastly different - if this new confessor had claimed Bill Gates was involved, I'm pretty sure the news would have picked up on that.

Of course, we don't know yet for sure that Karr did it, either. He could just be another nutjob. Time and DNA evidence will tell.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Marty McFly calling.

This call that I am posting a link to was not received by me, or anyone at Microsoft. This came to an Applied Physics lab at a college where an aquaintance of mine works. This...oh, this is awesome. Have a listen here.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Noise Pollution

Most of the nutjobs bring the crazy with long, byzantine messages. But occassionally, you'll find one who can pack a whole lot of crazy into a short and sweet package.

The instructions in the computer don't work. The instructions in the book do work. There has been a noise-pollution-harassment that means that Mr. Gates has asked me for something. Note to DATCP. - I have collected enough information to file some complaints about the sort of thing that in my Sheboygan lawsuit that was on my behalf by the Wisconsin Education Association in which the attorney hired on my behalf wrote something about underlining being for emphasis, about the court records not having the monetary amount on the line, about Microsoft Outlook Express underling my name, etc.

[full name, address, and phone number removed]