Thursday, June 08, 2006

Through the looking glass

Did you ever do somethin and realize later, "God, I may have gone too far this time?"
That's how I felt after getting this e-mail from our very own luckyk9. He cements my theory about his delusion re: Gates and JonBenet Ramsey. I felt dirty reading this, and I feel dirty posting it, but I'm going to anyway. I've received two other e-mails since, with more of the same, changing the story here and there.

cont:xmas 96, i applied for work at Stone Boatyard in Alameda Cal. my boat ,the"Loriet" was parked at the Stone's moorage in Alameda canal.The "Caroline" paul allen's luxury sailboat 96' was on the was xmas day and i was leaving to have coffee. the Stone Boat yard owner flagged me down and said she had an interview for me. i went into the rigging loft and several men were in a huddle. they wore blue pea-coats and matching Boaters. one who sat with his bak to me i recognized instantly as billg. Gates himself led the interview. and he welcomed me aboard. What would i do for money. ne thing. how big is my equipment. big enuf. i got the balls to get it done. what ever. it didn't occur to me this may involve rape and murder.considering who it was i was dealing with. the man himself billG. i was whisked away to a plane hanger in Oakland. thru a bak gate and the Red lear and a black lear sat. there were several men dressed in blak. one was interested in how much i knew about jets and he was mechanic and my leadman thru out .the wiper. we took off late and i slept much of the way to Denver. at the end of the runway we rushed to another plane this one a white box cargo plane. we flew north and parachuted into a canyon near a road. we ditched the parachute and went across the road to a retainer wall. i jumped up on top of the wall with no prob. the mechanic needed my help. he informed me that was the only time i could have gotten away. he pointed out the collar i now wore.he told me he could blow my hed off if i disobeyed. i took him at his word. i went into sevice mode.there were two men dressed in blak at entrance to storm drain. the gate padlox had been cut and two motor bikes. blue and white stripped trail bikes.185's.whose were they? i asked and was told they belonged to same person that owned a resort near by.we went by bike to 15th street and climbed the rungs of the man hole and i pushed up the cover. we were ded into the middle of the street. we bounded out and the "boss" checked on cell phone and given instructions to crx the st and w8 4 someone. a butler type appeared. short stocky darkguy in white coat and blak pants. we were let into the bak room of the house. a girl was already in the basement. i was put in there with her.Ramsey was brought into the bak room. he brandished a fire arm. i was called bak into the room and i disarmed ramsey and handed over the piece to another man the mechanic said i should trust. i went bak to the basement. and the girl asked if they were going to kill me too.. i said i had no clue. she was full of questions and the father john, was yelling ,"what are u doing Joni?" down the stairs. i was called bak up and more questions for joni,"where are the tapes joni? yoiu have got to tell them" she cont to refuse to say. the mechanic and i went down to string joni up by a big blue ceramic floor lamp. by a string and her standing on a blue box. the lamp being the counter balance. nylon ties held her mitts behind her. the string was then wended up the stairs and under the door. john was forced to his knees as the door shut and he wa s made to hold the shot end of the string.i offered him a smoke. he would not let go of string to take ciggy."tell them joni!" "its getting titer!" she screamed""Just tell them joni. where is the disk?"finally in one last scream of desparation john asked in a tortured voice and she replied that they were in the secret cupboard. he knew where she was talking about . he went to the wall cabinet and bushed a button. a panel revealed a hidden compartment and a box. the disk and tapes were in the box. i put some of the tapes in my fatigue pockets. with permission.the disk was inserted into a computer and with a lil wrk it was reading a list of people and ransom notes. a ransom note was drafted and then concatenated with patsy's ransom notes making the longest raansom note ever. bar none. we exited out the bak door onto plastic tarps and crawled to another manhole. it was cold and difficult to move but i got it up and we climbed down to a waiting motor bike . we sped down the tunnel to the road. we emeged bak at the sme place; went over the retainer wall and waited in a culvert. a lady in the bak seat of a car drove past and took a picture of me emerging onto the road. that would look good in morning paper. said my asso.we waited a few sec and a sedan stopped to pik us up and take us to a road side clearing. we could see the white cargo plane in the moon lite. 2 minutes 15 sec away. we got the poles up and the seat reddy. we climbed in and the plane pikt us up and hoisted us up into its cargo bay. we went to vegas we were limoed to town and met some people at a swank gold door hotel. we left there for the airport with paul allen. i wa flown bak to oakland and there i was intercepted at my boat by two armed men. they tied me loosely and thru me into the canal. i esc and when they were gone i moved my boat to san leandro.yours truly bill [name removed] interview in person asap

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A return engagement...

That's right! The mysterious luckyk9, author of the "Xmas 96 saga" e-mails, has returned. And thanks to an e-mail he sent me, I can confirm that he is indeed the author of those e-mails. This new e-mail sheds a little light on the convoluted story he's been trying to tell through his original e-mails and now his postings here. This new e-mail said:

"Subject: gates,jonbenet
i swear every detail is as close to the truth as i remember it. ne questions?lukybill"

Read that subject again. JonBenet. This puts the puzzle together fairly clearly, I think. What Luckyk9 is claiming is:

Bill Gates was molesting JonBenet Ramsey. Her parents knew about it and recorded evidence using a Barbie tape recorder. They then somehow transferred that to a disk of some kind, and tried to blackmail Gates. Gates hired luckyk9 to go in and get the disk (apparently with some kind of remote controlled explosive collar around his neck), and in the process of said task JonBenet was killed - I have to assume by luckyk9, but perhaps he can shed more light on his version of this story.

Wow. That's some conspiracy theory. Luckyk9 has just been elevated in the ranks of the nutty. I don't think he's up to Christ Michael status of nutty yet, but he's getting close.

Added bonus! I was able to find some movie reviews posted by Luckyk9 on MSN. Read on:

"ringer is being remade? A review of Ringer By: bill alias forrest gump
i am in austin,tx. i saw a movie crew. they said they were from milkshake media. ringer is being shot and they were looking for locations.i coreographed action for f. f. coppula and dennis hopper in apocolypse now. many others are based on my life. ded zone others about viet nam conflict. bruce dern used my story for blood sport. my name is bill contact me. send money. "

"A review of Alien (Film Series)
re: menudo! she stole my theme. she included hefeem fatal' agenda. ' ugly as the young girl. doesn't have ne talent except as ab mailer and ps. gorey horrible and demented.k"

Monday, June 05, 2006

Debating Kucinich

This guy wanted to debate Ohio's House Representative Dennis Kucinich for some reason I can't fathom, and thought that not only could he get Kucinich to debate him, but that he could get MSNBC to cover it.

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates and the Microsoft Staff, A few days ago I had anounced that I would like to have a debate with U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio. I had tried to reach the folks at Dateline and ended up asking other folks to contact the MSNBC staff to arrange a crew to show up here at the [name of town removed] City Hall at 4 p.m. Novemember 21st 2005. I am going to let Mr. Kucinich ask me 10 questions and then I am going to turn around and ask him (Kucinich) the same 10 questions, plus we each get an additional question that doesn't have to be the same (eg; [name removed], do you own a pet? Dennis; Do you own a motorcycle?) I will be at the [name of town removed] City Hall at 4 p.m. I would like the Dateline crew and Congressman Kucinich to show up so this can be documented for T.V. Sincerely , [full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address removed] P.S. I no longer have an account with Yahoo. This is e-mail #37.