Monday, December 04, 2006

The Holy Microsoft Empire

Another one that just leaves you saying, "huh?"

Subject: Kindness of Mr. Gates, Boss
If you don't like the idea of "Holy MicroSoft Empire". How about "Holy IBM Empire", "Holy Google Empire", or "Holy Another Empire"? It is said there was a little boy who pulled out "the Sword in the Stone" became King of England. There is no King Arthur in the history of England, yet "the Knights of the Round Table" probably origins from "William the Conqueror" (Actually, he is a French Viking. That may be partially because his English isn't very good. Afterward, Cabinet was born in similar conditions). As for Merlin, "General Counsel", seemed to come from Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander. Why does this story sound a bit like IBM PC? I'd ever in the name of "Eric", because the rhythm of the movie "Chariots of Fire" (It seemed every Ben and Jerry here all changed into this name for a period of time, while "Alex" became popular in H.K). Later on, I learned that it's a Viking name. You know the source in North Europe are limited and is uneasy to survive. When Vikings were grown up, they were used to go abroad to establish another colonies. Such as Ericsson, father of William the Conqueror, and Bill Gates (He is an American Viking. Their ancestors are all pirates). I don't know if you read "the Knight in rusty armor", the novel by Robert Fisher. I only know pondering like a monk must drive me crazy. Why don't you keep a wrench, perhaps you may get some brilliant ideas on horse back. Not for racing, of course. Still you may raise clone of Champion horses, yet beware to keep kids from them. I ever mentioned the Pre-Chairman of PRC was much fond of me, but it seems he is going to kill me now. Will you help me? Happy birthday to me [name and birthdate removed]

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And 'huh' is exactly the thought I had when trying to decipher what exactly this person wanted.

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