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DOD Novel, pt. 3

You wanted more (or at least Brian did), you got it. More of the DOD Novel. Note that when you finish reading pt. 3 here, you're about half way through the e-mail. You sure you want more? This one gets heavy into the mind control.

When I returned to Ft Lauderdale International Airport from UMASS Medical I went to the parking garage to my truck ,when I got inside there was the same exact smell as the dead flesh smell, that blew up inside me, on a bag in my truck .I took the bag and called Ft Lauderdale police to try to have it poison or lab examined but the officer couldn't do it and I certainly could not blame him. Also my sunglasses were missing .They must have took one of the things they put inside my body like a capsule and broke one open and spread it on the bag in my car to again make me vomit ,go insane and/or commit suicide. Voices through my skull also said they were going to kill my mother , 24 hours a day. When the voices had names and played a rape of my 82 year old WW2 vet mom -they said this is Cheney and Wolforvitz and my mom said "get off me Cheney" in her actual voice, through my skull into my brain ,with a whole rape senerio with my mom screaming .I called the next day and she didn't sound herself she sounded shaken up ,this department of defence airwaves rape of my mom they played for a week staight 24/7 over and over in my mind "through the skull" voice twenty four hours a day via their NSA computer through the Department of Defence radio frequency microwave spectrum, on a "looped" recording of the DOD airwaves ,DOD computer rape. A voice that was a constant one said "I mindraped your mother " .Within weeks after that , my mom had a brain blood barrier leak which I read this technology can cause especially in older people .After that she went home from the hospital and a voice said she fell - I called my mom and sure enough she fell more anger and fear raged inside me with chest and head pains and nothing I could do about this "Power Discreet" secret to destroy citizens with DOD software/hardware applications. .Then death threats of my mom for 6 months straight continued with threats 2-50 times a day ,round the clock,of killing my mom . Murders of my Mother ,[name removed] ,heart attacks and deaths of [name removed] , [name removed] , brother -in-law [name removed], [name removed], and a senerio with [name removed]'s ankles being blown off by the things that were implanted in my stomach but bigger explosions were downloaded into my memory (I know now by the technology) and activated out to real time day-dream like images with threats in real-time ,(senerios) and A.I. and real-time voices telling me they were all dead. What was in real-time and what was not either way downloaded into me and to my auditory nerve , and my eyes nerve, they can do both download into my memory voice and images to be triggered out along with real-time voices/threats like they did to me . They have both brain and "ears" sort of speak,with controled brain chemical output. Therefore, full control of conciousness.These senerios and death threat stories of my family members some actual like my mom's brain/blood barrier leak ,are layered threatning senerios with 3,4,5 different stories going at once taking my stessed fearful mind in many different directions,all at once to torture and induce heart failure. Also every time I would talk to a person or pass by a person of Africian decent "nigger" would pop into my mind at that split second I first see that person ,on duty people using voice through the skull or programmed using facial recognition . This was programmed to excess so the DoD programs racial prejudice into a software application to perpetuate hate. Just like calling me Iraqi for months and months. There was another senerio lasting days with the dead Saddam Hussain sons over my Mother's house torturing her ,Ouidi and Cousi, they said they were while threatning my 82 year old WW2 vet MOM. Military voices were threatening me 24/7 and my MOM all speaking perfect English . I went back to Florida .During this torture and mind control for about 4 weeks a white SUV Ford Escape had been following me License plate Florida [detailed vehicle information removed] ,I reported it to Ft. Lauderdale Police case 04-076-803 , on 06/21/04 I hired a private dectective [name removed] from Ft Lauderdale to get the above imformation and the fact that this vehicle is registered to Gelco Corporation 3 Capitol Drive , Eden Prairie, MN. 55344 and the lien holder the same , part of G.E. Capitol Fleet Leasing .I also have another case Naples Police , Officer Parr 04-02-3531 .This person followed me during the Goverment torture of me all over Southern Florida . I remembered when I had stock in the stock market including defence , I remembered there were companys doing "Microwave Weapons" technology research,Raytheon and universitys like Carnegie Mellon who does alot of defence work. I asked one of the military kids "voices" I was hearing who ordered this -he said General Miller . I went to Kinkos spent hundreds of dollars on research in their computers to find General Miller of "Gitmo" and the report that the International Red Cross had seen a HUGE unbelieveable number of "detainees" that quickly went "insane" and many commited "suicide" ......more than any other prison camp in U.S. History. This made since because when I was at UMASS Hospital, 8th floor, Plantation St Worcester , Ma. Every time I went near a window on the 8th floor I would hear the command to "JUMP!" "Jump" and "end it" and "just end it" "kill yourself" also "take him out" and "shoot him" I slept under the bed that night away from the window. This was starting to finally make since living in Florida anything can happen .I was mind-controled , I had commands to "look left" "look right " "look up" "look down" This overpowered anything I could do but look in those directions.While on the highway in Massachusetts the voices were giving me commands to "look up" and I couldn't stop it, I had to look up , but also they took my arm uncontrollably and jerked it making me swerve towards another car then a female voice said "lookout!" and I just barely got back into my lane before almost crashing , this happened twice on the highway. They said "shut up" to me when I was thinking to myself but with them listening , and they'd tell me to "shut up" directly to my brain and thoughts ,they commanded me to be quiet,talking control of my body and mind,and threatning my family , friends and loved ones. For 24 hours a day for 9 months they would give me stabbing pains in my stomach,head ,chest ,legs, groin ,penis,scrotum,heat my organs , heated my head both in the Bahamas where I got lumps and bumps down my throat afterwoods and had to hold my head from expanding in incredible pain ,plus my head was hot to the touch for over two and a half hours , I was in great unbearable pain also in Ft. Lauderdale on Bayview Drive they did the same thing ,and in the Victoria Park area . In Ft. Meyers,and Port Charlotte N.C.,Worcester Ma,Holden Ma.,West Boylston Ma , Princton Ma,Boston Ma ,Washington D.C. and all the states with my connecting flights and Canada excruciating pains , my arms would jerk uncontrollably at their commands I could at times hear voice commands and comments like "asshole" and such, my legs and fingers are also at their voice commands and computer controls.Also portions of my chemical makeup like dopemine,adrenaline and more are controled by the Department of Defence and/or their subcontractors.When I asked the computer once figured out for more dopemine a voice would say "more dopemine?" I would then answer yes and almost instantly feel a little better during the torture. They would ridicule me laughing in the shower bathroom anywhere 24/7 while saying "feel sick" as they make me vomit by touching some sort of computer devise or voice command. They can move my arms,legs,fingers,control urine for over 15 hours without urinating ,bowels ,raped me up my rectum with virtual rape ,beat me 24/7 with stabbing pains to present day, sexual abuse of penis ,they caused chest pains,leg pains,stabbing pains while ridiculing me , took all my faxes,emails ,made my phone calls go to other places or not through at all ,while at the same time ridiculing me with voice through the skull saying "I got that fax " , "I got that one too" . I went to pay phone and calls wouldn't go through ,money would come back , they would say "try again loser" or "try again asshole" or "give it up the NSA can do anything" I said what? He said directly to my brain "we own the world" .Later a pain that felt like a 500lb weight was put on my chest while my chest filled with gasses I almost had another heart attack many times when they did this .I went to the Bahamas August 4th 2004 arriving at Marsh Harbor where I went to the Bank ATM and my First National Bank of Florida debit/visa card, the one I opened at Del Prado road in Cape Coral would not work at all, even though I had plenty of money in it.I just found out this January 2005 that the debit/visa card has been taken out of the bank computer completely after a voice saying it was Porter Goss said he "froze my accounts" . This debit/visa card was taken out and wiped clean out of the computer. A virtual reality bullet in my brain , while I was in the Bahamas when I was sleeping in a very light sleep state,heard a gunshot in the Downtown Central Jail , and I was seeing a bullet in my brain while at the same time I was whiting out with a huge bright light. I couldn't move or wake up and I felt my system shutting down and my heart slowing down ,then all of a sudden the bullet seemed to reverse itself and I could wake up and move.This was like watching a video and not being able to move.I think I was supposed to die right there in the Bahamas jail.I need to find the paid "actors" or "agents" and police that were in both Nassau Downtown Central, Foxhill Jail,and the people in the car transports to the U.S. Military Helicopter in Abaco or Marsh Harbor ,and also the American Soldiers that transported me in U.S. Military Helicopter that landed at Nassau on Aug 5th 2004 and I need the car full of Bahamas people about 4 of them that transported me to Downtown Central,near the Straw Market . At the same time I was in the bahamas being mind controled and transported by U.S. Military helicopter the so-called "Bush threat Assessment Team " called my brother in Toronto,Canada .WHO were these Bush Threat Assessment Team ? Were they actually the Bush Mind-Control team,calling at the same time I was being TORTURED ,threatened , controled and transported with U.S. Military helicopter in the Country of the Bahamas.I was taunted by voices saying "we got you Iraqi" "we got you Iraqi" at the same time my organs Liver,Kidneys being stabbed and sliced ,hot needles seemed to continuely be put through my skull , stabbing stomach and intestine pain 24/7 non-stop. The reason I was in the Bahamas was after being tortured in the United States and my home in Florida ,I tried to escape to another Country thinking it would go away but it didn't.While in the Bahamas I was walking past a small airport on Marsh Harbor when there was a senerio,a long story of my brother coming in by plane to rescue me ,as I got closer to a plane me brother's voice yelled help louder and louder ,I jumped on the wing of the plane and knocked on the hatch/door ,the voice of my brother screamed louder and louder -I got a fire extinguser and hit the window behind the hatch then the police took me away to jail.I'm 46 years old and don't jump on brand new Gulfstream planes and attack it.While in March Harbor,Bahamas the police told me to take a seat in a certain room and on that seat is where my head was heated hot August 5,2004 .For 3 hours my head was hot to the touch .Lumps and bumps formed down my throat wind-pipe.I was later told I am sterile by these same voices.I was then flown the night of August 5th by United States Military helicopter to Nassau,Bahamas .The pilot was from New England maybe Massachusetts area who showed me my harness,the soldier who sat to the left me of me was white with a southern accent and kept his helmit on,the soldier to my right was African American with a holding a rifle,and I think there was another Soldier present. In Nassau I was interviewed by a person saying he was [name removed],red hair, I talked of a Black Box because at Marsh Harbor the voices said the black box was heating my head. At Nassau Downtown central jail voices saying I'm a baby kiler ,later on gunshots being fired. August 6th 2004 in Nassau Downtown Central more gunshots then the voice said after I got up and said to myself " Holy Shit " , "they kill baby killers outback" , almost having a heart attack they sensed the fear on their EEG computer with their fear-o-meter or whatever monitors this for them to trigger more torture ,fear, and to cause heart failure & insanity they said "your going to hang in the Town Square" then I started to believe them cause it's in your brain and gunshots just went off in the freakin jail and outside the jail , saying again within 20 minutes "saying at 6pm you'll hang".


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Just when you think it doesn't get any crazier... I am curious to see the rest of the email. Morbidly curious.

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