Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A return engagement...

That's right! The mysterious luckyk9, author of the "Xmas 96 saga" e-mails, has returned. And thanks to an e-mail he sent me, I can confirm that he is indeed the author of those e-mails. This new e-mail sheds a little light on the convoluted story he's been trying to tell through his original e-mails and now his postings here. This new e-mail said:

"Subject: gates,jonbenet
i swear every detail is as close to the truth as i remember it. ne questions?lukybill"

Read that subject again. JonBenet. This puts the puzzle together fairly clearly, I think. What Luckyk9 is claiming is:

Bill Gates was molesting JonBenet Ramsey. Her parents knew about it and recorded evidence using a Barbie tape recorder. They then somehow transferred that to a disk of some kind, and tried to blackmail Gates. Gates hired luckyk9 to go in and get the disk (apparently with some kind of remote controlled explosive collar around his neck), and in the process of said task JonBenet was killed - I have to assume by luckyk9, but perhaps he can shed more light on his version of this story.

Wow. That's some conspiracy theory. Luckyk9 has just been elevated in the ranks of the nutty. I don't think he's up to Christ Michael status of nutty yet, but he's getting close.

Added bonus! I was able to find some movie reviews posted by Luckyk9 on MSN. Read on:

"ringer is being remade? A review of Ringer By: bill alias forrest gump
i am in austin,tx. i saw a movie crew. they said they were from milkshake media. ringer is being shot and they were looking for locations.i coreographed action for f. f. coppula and dennis hopper in apocolypse now. many others are based on my life. ded zone others about viet nam conflict. bruce dern used my story for blood sport. my name is bill contact me. send money. "

"A review of Alien (Film Series)
re: menudo! she stole my theme. she included hefeem fatal' agenda. ' ugly as the young girl. doesn't have ne talent except as ab mailer and thief.rsvp ps. gorey horrible and demented.k"


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