Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christ Michael and the Xbox 360

"Christ Michael" first came to my attention with the below e-mail. But there were many. So many. All contained a slew of pictures, fonts of varying sizes and text of varying colors - bright colors. Reading a "Christ Michael" e-mail can give you a headache if you saw it in its original form. Crap, just the text of the e-mails can give you a headache. However, you simply must read all the way to his sig. His sig is perhaps the best part.
I will post more of "Christ Michael" another time; this is merely his "premiere" here. Enjoy:

Pentagon Dept. Of Defense And MicroSoft Murdering War Games Unleashed On Public Minds To Destroy Society

XBOX 360 - "OverKill" MicroSoft Government Armed & Deadly Pentagon - Department Of Defense And MicroSoft - Murdering War Games Unleashed On Public Minds To Destroy Society U.S. & Japan Mfgs. are serial murderers of the highest degree.The United States of America's Government Politicians allied with multiple co-murderers developed chemical poisons, contaminating all foods and waters supplies, also did pre-meditatedly engage in High Toxic Environmental Lethal Poisons such as Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxides as well as Sulfur Dioxides. These murderous agents was purposely developed and deployed to kill all life not ventilated and filtered in underground escape areas. By 1934, they purposely and pre-meditatedly outlawed a known fuel, and energy plant known as Hemp or Marijuana because it was competition to Oil Tycoon's Empires such as Henry Ford, J. T. Rockefeller, and British Broadcasting (BBC). Because of Media Brain washing and Mind Programming used in Propaganda voting schemes, the medical, or medicine chiefs, did concoct multiple avenues of death scenarios, also utilizing political tyranny and seductive demeanor such as; articles of Journalism and Radio, or Telemetry Programming, and also heavily using Television Programming through Movies, Shows and News Bulletins. Now think about today's usage of violent media such as Videos games. Developed in these digital machines is training to fight in WAR scenarios, street fighting, prostitution, theft, drugs, money business, simulation of multiple evil fantasies, etc., etc., etc. Microsoft's unleashing of XBOX and XBOX 360 is based on killing any being, civil or criminal or cyborg- Star Wars style entities. These machines are programming anyone to kill without merit or moral thought. Sony Play Station and other violent digital manufacturing companies are also involved with the destruction of all society known in this world. The Department of Defense, in guise of all military persuits, has developed, through their Double Agent Bill Gates, a Digital system array of Mass Murdering ploys stemming from Nuclear Radiation. Aimed at the Brain and vital Sex Organs, these deadly devises utilize Brain Frequency's Spectrum of current and point directly at the Neurological System of the Human Body. Since the introduction of Telemetry, or Wireless Programming, the Politically Rich murderers have used every means to destroy society and anyone who could stand in their way of ruling and controlling the mass populace. Recently, you have seen Cordless Phones go from 900 Megahertz (MGHZ) 900 Million Hertz all the way up to now's 5+ Gigahertz (5000 MGHZ) over 5000 Million Hertz in harmful brain deteriorating radiation. (Right next to your ear). Then you have Cellular Phones operating in the same Brain Spectrum frequencies, right next to your ears and body. Currently Central Processing Units, CPUs, the *brains of a computer, are sending signals transmissions as high as 4 GHZ, or 4000 Million Hertz. (3.8Ghz so far per CPU added) I seen Xbox Magazine and read the articles on the power of the new XBOX 360 and Microsoft was and is planning to unleash a Three Core, that's TRIPLE CORE CPUs. Operating at 3.2 GigaHertz times 3 CPUs, these deadly CPUs are designed for violent WAR and Theft Games aimed at anyone who can push a button. Intended to utilize 3D, these XBOX 360s are modifyable to extreme areas, such as Wireless Routers, Disc Telemetries, Servers, Audio in Multiple Utilizations, Brain Waves, Video, Tracking, DataBase, Viruses, Money Machines, Corporations, Military and Commercial applications. Microsoft is planning to make their devises wireless. A Wireless Hand Controller, XBBOX (PC), Server, and Various Developers of Evil tools and Software to be further introduced as their agents modify these XBOX 360s in all wireless potentials. Hidden inside games, these deadly devices are War Machines Planned from years ago to turn any public character into a raging murderer. I now pronounce Microsoft, Bill Gates, Windows Operating Systems, Affiliates, U.S. D.O.D., Pentagon, OPEC, N.A.E.C. and many more completely illegal and criminally insane. They are Serial Killers. I Am Shutting Them Down!!!!

Verily, Christ Michael Creator, Adjudicator And Enforcer!!!
Christ Michael
Universal Police Officer
Universal Agent Lawful Affairs

Christ Michael6111216068x8 Universal Police Officer Universal Bureau Of Internal Affairs


Blogger Wiwille said...

"Aimed at the Brain and vital Sex Organs, these deadly devises utilize Brain Frequency's Spectrum of current and point directly at the Neurological System of the Human Body."

This is a bad thing?

12/19/2005 05:49:00 AM  
Blogger Kerin said...

He did specify "deadly" in that quote, so sure.

9/26/2007 07:24:00 AM  

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