Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ladies and Gentlement, Click Here

I really don't know what this guy is on about; but he really, really loves the phrases "ladies and gentlemen" and "click here":

Ladies and Gentlemen.
Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to win $10,000.00 on an office make over (That is so Ricky Lakes) with that money I could be able to purchase the software to get my business off the ground. I don’t know if I sudmited the promotion properly. I am sending you this message to make sure that my request reach your hands and maybe improve the chances of receiving the money that is being offered. Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you don't think I am crazy click here [1] [2] or turning you into a good will industry, but I am sending you this e-mail, to see if you can help me with this request or forward this letter to someone that could help me with this request. I have been turned down due to the fact that I am an individual and not a not profit organization by many foundations.
Ladies and Gentlemen I am sending you this e-mail requesting a donation of a full legal up-gradable version of AutoCAD-2004, Click here or higher and adobe-acrobat-6.0-professional Click here and a drafting lamp, or a grant. I don't care if the items you send me are from your clearance merchandise section, or return, as long as try are in a safe working condition and virus free. Ladies and Gentlemen I have been un-employee thru no fault of my own, due to down sizing and re-engineering, for almost 2 yrs. Ladies and Gentlemen, I speak more than one language fluently and have degrees on computer science and C.A.D drafting click here please. Ladies and Gentlemen, since my un-employment I have actively being seeking employment even in areas that I have been consider "over qualify". Ladies and Gentlemen I used to use the public access computer assigned to the general public at my local public university click here please, but lately it was getting harder and harder to get my hands on a public access computer click here please and the mood was getting heavier and heavier among the students. Ladies and Gentlemen I was not interested in perpetuating the cycle of violence by getting into another Columbine or Santana ( Oye como va !!!! so I decided to purchase a computer (using a credit card ) since I am a minority that wanted to reverce the course of my life and did not wanted to be Left-Behind click here on the information-super-high-way Click here Ladies and Gentlemen I don't want to make a life style of asking for donations, but I am in a financial situation that I need a donation to scape porverty and to save and transfer all the important files that I would not like to loose if my computer were to encounter a virus or to crash. Ladies and Gentlemen during the red code virus season I lost a lot of important files that I would have not lost them if I had save them on a cdw disk. Ladies and Gentlemen I need to keep up with the information super-high-way and don't be left behind. Ladies and Gentlemen, now I am employed in a position that has nothing to do with the education field that I went to school. Ladies and Gentlemen it will take me probably 2 years to be debt free. Considering that I do not end up back in the list of un-employed people. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am behind in many bills including a student loan that I took trying to keep abreast with the information technology. Ladies and Gentlemen I even skip meals trying to pay all my debts, my co-workers are even concern that I might faint one day at work for skipping meals. Ladies and Gentlemen, whatever you could do for me I will greatly appreciate like a donation of AutoCAD 2004, and adobe acrobat 6.0 professional, an anti virus program a grant to pay for the computer, software and technical support using a credit card. Or to fix my place. Ladies and Gentlemen while I was un-employed I tried generating click here some income by creating a home based business and finding room-mates click here [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] and they nearly destroyed my place while trying to turn it into a crack house and a motel. I also need help to remodel my place. Ladies and Gentlem if you know of any home improment program for low income individuals as myself I will greatly appreciate. Ladies and Gentlemen last year I had to pay an emergency visit to the dentist after more than seven years without visiting one, due to lack of disposable income and insurance and the dentist had discover that I have several caveties and in desperate need of a crown, and an a root canal. Ladies and Gentlemen I can asure you that my teeth decaying is not due to food over endulging or negligence from my part, for lack of interest trying to take care of my dental heath. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am asking for a donation because I want to enjoy my investment (computer) to its fullest capacity and this is almost an impossible task to achieve if I have to worry more about paying my bills or worrying when I am going to be hit again by another virus that could hinder my computer useless than keeping abreast with technology.Ladies and Gentlemen if I qualify for any type of help even a forgiveness loan, you will not only be helping me. You will also be helping the community where I live. I could generate employment, I know what is be un-employed and not qualifying for any kind of help since I am not a single mother or a political refugee, so I could help those vulnerable people that have fallen thru the crack of the system. Ladies and Gentlemen if I am telling all these things is not to come across as someone bitter, dissolution click here please that I live in a glass house and I am throwing stones at every one click here please, an extremist click here or that I feel I have been raped by the system click here [1] [2] or that I shoud be put to sleep click [1] to be taken me out of my misery. Ladies and Gentlemen I am a good boy click here please. I belive that I live in the the best state, that is in the best country in the world, and most of all the opportunity to express myself with out the fear of being persecuted, that is why I am taking this opportunity ask for a donation and to show that I am someone that always have tried to be the best I could be, and not finding the easy way out by selling crack cocaine, robbing a bank, a jewery store, holding up a liquor store or stealing somebody else's computer. Ladies and Gentlemen, thanking you in advance for reading this e-mail and any help that you could give me acquiring a donation or a grant. Ladies and Gentlemen if I am barking-at-thewrong-tree and you can not help me directly with this matter any further, you have my permission to forward this e-mail to any department, corporation or individual that could help me with this matter. Ladies and Gentlemen I have sent countless of e-mail similar to this one to many popular foundations and philanthropy organizations, but I have been turned down on the account that their organizations are not allow to give assistance to individuals as myself, but rather to non-profit organizations.Ladies and Gentlemen I saw these pages on the web, and I thought you might like to see them Life-is-abox-of-chocolate click here Asian-American Boxers-or-Briefs click here
Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you had have a safe and happy Holiday !!! Curent-see-events Let-the-freedom-bell-ring !!!!!!


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