Saturday, January 28, 2006

Do you know that is love?

This woman seems to think Bill Gates is in a loveless marraige, doesn't want his kids, and really wants to be married to her. Meds, people! Take the meds before sending the e-mails!

I found Bill Gates 'address in, his address letter is Redmond WA 98052 in Seattle?, his email is, has he got fax? his telephone is (425)882-8089, is this correct? your comment about Bill Gates is good, I like him because he is the chairman of Microsoft, is chief software architect and is the richest in the world although he has an unhappy family because he doesn't love his foolish wife and unexpected children due to his mother want that although he didn't want to married to her so he lets her work in charitable foundation and although he is old and is not handsome but is he an attractive man, if he is Romeo I still love him although if he has nothing so I still love him most of all because of his character, I know him so well, I know his inmost feeling and his sentiment, being jealous in love is funny?true love is not discriminate anything, I am a beautiful girl and a wonderful woman, I am his wonderful lover who he wishes to meet, I, Juliet, a wonderful lover will bring beautiful love to his life, I sent letter and email to him, he need to know this, this is his desire so he should reply me, this address, this is very important to his life even more than his career, I dial or call to him but I can't talk to him or someone doesn't let me talk to him, why is there no anybody there to answer the call? if he recieve my letter, my email and if he knows me but if he doesn't contact and doesn't reply me he isn't Romeo so I can't love him, do you feel I am an attractive woman?


Blogger Wiwille said...

I would've loved to respond to the "do you feel I am an attractive woman?" question. Oh I am evil.

1/30/2006 06:39:00 AM  

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