Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cupocalypse, and a special guest appearance by one of the nutjobs!

Ok. I know I haven't posted here in, like, forever. I apologize. But I'm updating today, and I've got some news for you. One of the nut jobs replied to this blog back in March! I haven't been checking it, so I didn't see it until now. Check it out! He replied to two posts.
Now, to give you an actual update, I present Father Christmas and the Cupocalypse. I wish I knew what this was about, but you just have to read this to understand why I don't understand it.

Thank you so much for letting me have the chance to write to you on this true Christmas. I wish you the safest of blessings may riches of intelligence, glory, power and fame be given to you as always. Someting says with some work, effort and alliances we could honestly get these projects done. Possibly in the new year ahead all things could come to fruition, time could be well spent on our daydream of "Cloud Nine".
I hope their is potential for the sucess of this program for the connection of opposites in true love. Only you at Microsoft truely know the posibilities of a make your own web based, search and database program. I am sure that we all would like to see Microsoft find the very best company for "Cloud Nine". Please kindly either do that for me, or allow me to have a letter of reference with great help provided.
Ingrained in the script for "Father Christmas And the Cupocallypse" is a love so honestly true and bright. With the acronym for "the Canada Council For The Arts", I hope to work with them to find a talent so true. Likely Japanamation or some perfect Canadian Animation, Straight from inspiration, to true love. Any talents and help that Microsoft does supply could also be making for some great advertisements.
With all this I have been writing a perfect game called "Cloud Nine and the Dating Daydream" It is truely wise with the comedy of "The Curse of Monkey Island" And that awesome series of game. I myself homesty look forward to finding the vast world of "Cloud Nine" as a pure wonderful escape. I will send you as an early Christmas present the beginnings of this Advenure game.
I know it is alot to ask though it all seems so possible, with some kind help we could get ourselves ahead. I really do need a laptop for Christmas as I would love to be using IBM instead of a Mac. This situation has only been going on for about three of these months as I have been moving around. I even Had lost my house, I got so sad that I decided I must be saving of myself somehow with talent.
Thanks so kindly for all the help.


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