Monday, August 22, 2005

Shocks and radium

This person thinks that there's radium in his computer, and that somehow him ripping open a keyboard is "breaking and entering" on the part of Microsoft...


In July 2004 I Purchased a Gateway Computer.I was ignorant of any knowledge of how to use one.On the advertising it said easy 1-2-3 start,it said nothing of what would happen over the next year because of immature sorts at windows,microsoft,gateway...etc.I purchased another gateway computer in feb.2005,windows updates downloaded memory from my 1st computer,I recieved electrical shocks more then once contributing with the radioactive content inside the computer(which there is no warning of that) I endured frustration because I do not know of computers and trying to learn.I have discovered just how your process works with the combination of electrons in radium through wire.I made the mistake of trying to learn by ripping apart a keyboard exposing myself to this self sustaining wire,believe it or not I was just trying to learn.Well I purchased my 3rd computer with 1 year in May of 2005,I studied the best I could,called Microsoft who said it was impossible for memory to carry over yet I have evidence that is just what windows 32 as done,I also believe this to have serious implication to breaking and entering as well as enough to cause frustration for your company,if I have to I will do the sameting to prove what I know in a court of law despite death threats to me and my family.


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