Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Most of these crazy e-mails leaving you scratching your head, thinking, what the fuck are they on about? This one is like that too, but is distinguished by almost making sense. Not being believable by any stretch, but almost making sense. However, the accusation that Gates is a "simulacrum" of some kind just leaves me wondering.

How does Bill Gates make sure he reappears, in top form, and with solutions to so many of the problems the former left or will leave.
I am convinced, Gates' middle name is H. for a reason.... and I am afraid that if the simulacrum continues, Microsoft will implode, literally.
I am ready to take microsoft back into the race and once again, make it worth the billions it has on the table. A company like that can be a huge force in solving the worlds problems, as well as enabling the human race for a better future, on earth or in the outer reaches of space....
I am willing to purchase the Gates stock and estate for the withdrawl of a federal investigation into the lack thereof of a true company to support a stock valuation. I offer only my directness as proof, but will easily convince you as MSFT becomes much more than DOS on speed.


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