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DOD Novel, pt. 6 - the Final Chapter

Here it is. Finally. Then end of the DOD Novel. In this chapter, the "voices" ridicule the New England Patriots! The horror!

With out any DOD personal blowing the national whistle-blowers law made for goverment employees to use .Do they think genocide would be reason enough and treason against the American citizen and everything we stand for as Americans -be reason enough to expose this after 1000's of non-consenting victims . This is mind-control.Pure and simple MIND-CONTROL . Financed by our Department of Defence .In the Bahamas jail while being tortured the voices said they were "deboweling me" and using what felt like a virtual stabbing technology I was in incredable pain and it felt like they were actually doing it.This also happened in Port Charlotte Florida ,this torture went on 24/7 all the time.In the Bahamas there were bin Laden senerio's increasing my fear to give me heart attacks and chest pains which also happened in Ft. Meyers at the POLO's .The voice in the Bahamas said this is Cheney's jail ,his wife owns it. While being tortured via the airwaves. I had bin Laden senerios pure fear,raping my mother senerio's , senerios with John Kerry and George Soro's rescuing me. Ridiculing senerio's of torture that John Kerry's plane just landed to pick me up, and George Soro's boat had my family there to rescue me but of course, that didn't happen.I had John Mc Cain senerio's and John Travolta senerios that he was coming with his plane to rescue me, I had questions and got answers with Jack Nickelson , George W. Bush,George H.W. Bush,President of the Bahamas,Prime Minister Tony Blair , President Putin,Steve and Doug Dinora , the Sutherlands from Holden Donna and her sister with red hair, also David and Pete Simpson of Holden, President Jacques Chirac ,Susan Sarandon,Tom Cruise , Tom Hanks ,Woody Harrelson,Arnold The Gov of California , Chris Brown ,Hank Asher,and more senerio's of family members being hurt and killed my brother [name removed] of Toronto Canada ,a Canadian citizen also [name removed] his wife a Canadian citizen , [name removed] ,[name removed] , and [name removed] all of Kennebunk Maine ,my mom [name removed] of West Boylston ,Ma. , [name removed] of Detroit Michigan cousin , [name removed] family ,[name removed] family , [name removed] family of Buffelo N.Y. [name removed] family, [name removed] of Massachusetts,the girl from Bank of America and Nicole from Mel's Diner in 3D , also [name removed] of Bell South being one of the biggest torturers , I found out now these senerios are all patented synethic telepathy equipment. It's most all Patented and was used to Torture me. [name removed] [address removed] and [address removed] ...... telephone [number removed] - U.S.Patents I found during all this torture that is still happening -5230344,6397188,6488617,5392788,5213562,6097981,5023783,6011991,6506148, Sincerely, [name removed] Actions I have taken regarding this complaint: Written Autorney Generals both Massachusetts and Florida , newspapers including N.Y. Times ,L.A.Times,Sun-Sentinal ,Boston Globe and more,written Jeb Bush,V.P. Dick Cheney,President Bush both,most Senators including Bill Nelson, Clinton,Kennedy,Kerry,McCain,Spector and more ,CIA Directors both Goss and Tenent, FBI Director Muller,Cabinet members including Connie Rice, Colin Powell,Wolforwitz,Rumsfeld and more but as you know justice doesn't prevail for this in America. Right down to giving me heart attacks and 24 hour stabbing pains, making me anemic,making red and white blood counts cut in half, telling me "you're sterile" , giving my Navy MOM blood/brain barrier leak, telling me they did this to my Air Force Dad, these are the people out Military has become , same as terrorists. Abbetting the enemy in time of War, Violating the U.S. Constitution which nobody cares about, violating the Bill of Rights, Violating the Nuremberg Code , Violationg Darpa code 45 46, violating 6 United Nations Resolutions, Violating the United Nation Slavery treaty , Violating the U.N. Trade in Torture Equipment . Our Department of Defence with their Microwave Spectrum think this technology that killed here in Port Charlotte Florida one Mr Shawn Hill and making a "programmed Assassin" out of his wife Mrs.Kathleen Hill is good science."Programmed Assassin" is exactly why this technology was created, since MKUltra looks like 50 years dod, corporate, school illegal development, and the newspaper reporters who know something is going on in Port Charlotte ,said Mr Hill ,had many excessive odd dreams demons both visual images and audio mostly when nobody is around ,like me , and sleep depravation ,all this crime's same M.O. as 100's of other citizens across this Country , just like me .Mr Hill took perscription medication for his back just like me ,thus making Florida's Police Matrix List.If they can practice and make perfect the "programmed assasin" in Florida then any tourist can be programmed and exported (when they go back from the sunny visit) to their home Country.DOD computer with DOD microwave spectrum sent to torture me real-time images and its A.I. voices , from its storage data bank, images are sent in real-time or triggered directly to my eye nerve like the voices to auditory nerve. How many airport images worldwide do you think the NSA has in their DOD data bank along with NSA colected and intercepted cell phone and land line voices of citizens worldwide ? Matched with facial recognition ,name ,voice and A.I how many can be duplicated for export over the microwave spectrum to torture citizens like me ? This software never to be suspect, yet all financed/sponcered by Department of Defence HCI seemless snergy add-on software possibly expanded from [name removed],John st Clair Akwei, [name removed], me [name removed] , Shawn Hill and 23 years of the same M.O. torture of citizens . This Meanwhile the newspaper reports Mrs. Kathleen Hill was "in a fog" as to why and how the shooting happened .Just what this technology does. The technology that makes Soldiers commit suicide more than any other war in history, go distraught and AWOL , a Frankenstein running it ,running this program ,our own DOD who thinks this is all good for Soldiers and Citizens even though it will destroy the world,own it by questioning business leaders ,military leaders, political leaders, not just in America but WORLDWIDE . Since this technology can interragate and interact with anyone's sub-concious without their knowledge what-so-ever I'm telling all world leaders about it and my story.It's facial and voice recognition used for torture ,but more important my lifetime memory's with images of my life and matching evoked potentials and responces recorded from childhood to adulthood ,into a data bank. I'm sure many unknowing citizens are filed and catogorized - broken down any which way , put into files and catogorized in their DOD + "Power Discreet" computer to be regulated at any time .Happening now , they would never know if A CITIZEN is on the straight sleep depravation only software ,panic software , or sub-concious talking Q&A ,or stealing of knowledge or memory extraction over sleep ,or any combinations from panic attacks on a timed basis to torture - 1000's of software applications for different personalities from panic attacks to torture are and can be made , the artificial intelligence can constantly send images ,voices , some real-time,murder senerio's with blood/brain barrier leaks of family members (real-time voice) ,taunts of family friends and loved ones 24/7 to my brain Now you know why military wifes in this war ,are complaining about burning semen from their husbands, it's being connected to microwaves and a computer(I know) ,HCI for monitoring ,while Soldiers have 3 days no sleep and get pumped full of adrenaline via computer and department of defence. Now you know,where the Warfighter programs are going at any time they want to torture more military familys and civilians. Now I know from being tortured , and still am tortured the Facts that coinside with the Hills and Soldiers and Department of Defence technology .These microwave weapons will destroy everything we have worked for as Americans. My family goes back to the 1600's on both sides in New England,one family name [name removed] on the Mayflower and this is treason from the Mayflower Compact, ,this is not what Adams ,Jefferson and Washington had in mind "mind control".Poison from Air or Water , any substance intake ,that's why the 4th Amendment reads "to be secure in one's own person" the Framers knew anyone could be poisoned .Now our brain's themselfs can be tortured through the air we breath by our own so-called National Security.They have the software/hardware to kill through these Department of Defence operated and controled microwave spectrum directly to your brains eeg's, my own brainwaves. Once your brains eeg's are in the data bank your screwed, for life. So WHO will be at the computer controling our Armed Services ? Our Citizens of the United States and here in Port Charlotte the testing ground for mass control?seems like a city wide study here since it's been in the newspapers here,people know of the through the skull voices, sleep depravation,induced dreams,induced images just like Shawn Hill a Federal Forestry worker experianced and I am tortured with . How long before other nations and E.U. just attack Haarp or GWEN or our Country because of this crime and what our country does to its citizens ,being an American with 400 years heritage in New England and Massachusetts where my Nation began and we learn it at an early age, how do I "get over this"? I never will , I only have in common what an Aushwitz surviver has ,not just the ones starved and beaten but more in common with the people that were used as medical butcher torture experiments. The destroying of a nation through mind-control of DOD microwave spectrum. And the idiots at the top think this is good , must be because businees and all - if you can read a CEO's mind - question his or her sub-concious - put ideas into his or her sub-concious you'd be better in business and easily make those "big deals" (even for an idiot) while others you destroy or hold in check and or limbo . These family's get rich you and your "Power Discreet" and verging control of all military ,business, citizens body and mind ( with lineage making that continual and unsuspected). Same microwave mind control or mood control as the pentagon I'm sure would like to refer it by technology deployed in other Country's .Media I'm sure no exception and maybe human/computer error ,on purpose by accident , so many journalists deaths in War time .On Superbowl Sunday while I was watching the Patriots the voices were ridiculing me saying the Patriots suck and taunting me when they missed a pass completion ,they were also ridiculing Bruski saying he is overrated , I saw him on the sidelines with his helmit off I said hey he's kinda cute the voices ridiculed the Pats again and throughout the game until the end. When I watched the Parade in Boston for the Patriots , Bruski was holding the trophy and I thought what do you think of Bruski now? The voice said you'll see. Then about a week ago I heard Bruski had a stroke (today being Feb 28 ,2005), an unexplained stroke when I read the newspaper at Denny's and the voice said "what do you think of him now" . These department of defence people attack family physically like threatning my Mom and soon after Brain/blood barrier leak to break me down , emotionally using evoked potentials making you estranged from family by their own emotions using their emotions against you ,they do the same to friends,neibors and loved ones I found out,because this is their M.O. for decades all to make citizens go insane ,to be paranoid and to think everyone is after them and everything bad is your fault . This is part of their DOD program ,software/hardware in their department of defence super-computer and deployed over department of defence controled airwaves. They use all your family ,friends,loved ones,neibors, hollywood stars voices either recorded in their DOD computer or real-time sub-concious questioning .They use their voices to ridicule you ,call you names , console you , give you hope or bring you dispair. Quite possibly used were what sounded like real-time concious voices in a brain to brain link-up , or computer to my brian link-up with some family,friends ,loved ones,hollywood stars and political figures that sounded very concerned about me and wanted to help - it also gave me a chance to tell all the voices that I was being severely tortured worst than any aushwitz POW of Hitler's that went through brain/body mind-control experiments and torture .That way I could tell them all every voice that I was being tortured in real-time. Some said so were they .Others said I will help you,or like Tom Hanks voice said "I'm hear for you" . Also as the E.U. report 1998 "An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control " Luxembourg Jan 6 just about the same senerio , now the torture technology should be known and help for humanity I would expect ... The same technology is why the rush to change the name from Soldier after 225 years , to "warfighter" 1/2 computer 1/2 soldier. Partial timeline of crime in case the F.B.I. who can't provide security for citizens like me ,tortured ,with the same M.O. for over 23 years : Radisson Inn Ft. Meyers June 8th 2004 trying to escape high pitched frequency and voices calling me "asshole" and "Iraqi" from my apartment at Polo's , Crown Plaza Worcester June 11 ,2004 called police after first death threat and admitted June 12th 2004 to UMass Medical Plantation St Worcester ,tortured where those things blew up in my stomach, released June 17 2004 went to Hampton Inn Revere Massachusetts June 17th where tortured with epileptic attack and "don't die on me Iraqi " screaming in my brain by military type person voice (commanding), taken by Cataldo Ambulance to Whittier General voices saying they are killing me and my body getting cold ;legs and arms turning to ice , June 28 2004 Renaissance Mayflower Hotel Washington D.C. called [name removed] of Darpa taken twenty minutes later to Washington Comprehensive Emergency when released went to Hart and Russell Senate building left papers describing technological efects comparing some to Lifelog and telling of death threats to my Mother and family , but not telling of the torture just the technology happening to me ,and I didn't explain the Umass Medical - Whittier General- Washington Comprehensive incredibly quick 16 day fabricated psychological record on me ( their normal M.O. for the torture crime) and also after going to Washington D.C. August's 4th 2004 Bahamas mind control torture right up on the wing of a shiney new Gulfstream Jet August 4th , bringing the total timeframe of the fabricated psychological record to deploy , attack , mind control and torture me to a grand total of less than a month . In a month a fabracated huge record of 3 hospitals and one jail in the Bahamas which is supposed to release the Goverment of the United States of any liability even though their M.O. has been the same for decades. Ruining my life , ruining my health ,telling me I'm sterile and will never have children, telling me acid just exploded in me ,telling me "beach place is gone" ,telling me they are going to rape and kill my mother with her actual voice screaming , telling me they blew off my nieces ankles ,gave my brother-in-law a heart attack along with my brother , attacking my Mom for over 6 months with her voice screaming ,using family ,friends ,football stars,hollywood stars ,political leaders names and voices , telling me they doubled and tripled teched my mother , using neibors voices to say directly to my brain they are going to kill me , and this fabracated hospital and jail stay because of their computer program via their department of defence airwaves the air we breath made in less than a month is supposed to be their defence. An M.O. lasting over two decades , with hundreds of citizens for victims and hundreds of military familys.And Darpa ,ONR think the American citizen it just plain stupid.Maybe that is why when released from the Bahamas Jail and deported [name removed] from the U.S. Embassy Nassau RUSHED me out of the Bahamas . Sincerely , [name removed]
- P.S. hope somebody gets some balls to stand -up for America and me besides just me.


Blogger Brian said...

I can see why you were reluctant to post this whole thing, it must have been a pain to go through editing out all the names and personal info this loon included in his massive missive. God, that's hillarous how he was thinking everyone from John Kerry and George Soros to the girl at his bank and John Travolta were comming to rescue him! And in this final installment he finally touches on why he is sending this to Microsoft. It was good to get some closure on that!

If this guy really sent this letter to all the public figures and politicians he claims, I think it's a safe bet that someone picked him up. Honestly, you can't send something like this to the President and V.P., most of his cabinet, the directors of the CIA and FBI, and everybody else he included without bringing the secret service down on yourself like a ton of bricks. I'm guessing he wasn't any more anonymous with them than he was with you, so we can safely assume he is resting comfortably in a padded cell as we speak.

Thanks for a big laugh!

10/03/2006 10:13:00 AM  
Blogger Customer Service Hell said...

Glad you enjoyed it Brian!
Now I can get back to nutjobs who understand "brevity".

10/04/2006 03:42:00 PM  
Blogger lisawarner9103371654 said...

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10/04/2006 11:07:00 PM  
Blogger Wiwille said...

Amazingly enough those patents are real.

Lisawarner9103371654 - Go fuck yourself.

10/05/2006 05:00:00 AM  
Blogger Customer Service Hell said...

Yeah, it's amazing the kind of research some these crazies do to try to back up their delusions.

10/05/2006 04:55:00 PM  

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